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08-24-2003, 12:45 AM
i cant play ghost recon on ubi.com because of ActiveX.I have a few question about it.What exactly is ActiveX? How do I enable it because that what it says i have to do to play it? i cant find a folder on my comp of ActiveX option and whatever..Please help i wanna play :0)

08-24-2003, 12:45 AM
i cant play ghost recon on ubi.com because of ActiveX.I have a few question about it.What exactly is ActiveX? How do I enable it because that what it says i have to do to play it? i cant find a folder on my comp of ActiveX option and whatever..Please help i wanna play :0)

08-24-2003, 02:25 AM
To PhEnOm_,

Go to the link below and get back to us if that worked and welcome to the game and forums.


08-24-2003, 04:10 AM
HAHA yes thanks man it works now....maybe ill see ya aorund in a game

08-24-2003, 05:07 AM
O good god well n/m about the last reply now it says "you can't play or create games for this reason: Ghost recon isnt installed" (or it says somethin close to that it might not be exact i cant remeber) But i have been playing single okayer all day long..i dont get well i goin to keep tryin stuff to get it ill hapily take to suggestions

08-24-2003, 05:20 AM
To PhEnOm_,

Tell us what CD's of the game you have and was it a boxed set or a bundled CD with a graphics card. Try below.

GR Game Set-up UBI

Below are some other game browsers other than UBI.
All Seeing Eye http://www.udpsoft.com/eye/
Game Spy http://www.gamespy.com/

In order to play Ghost Recon on your computer, your system must meet the following criteria.

P2 with 450MHz processor or equivalent
128mb of ram
Windows 9X/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 8.0 or higher (included on CD)
16MB direct X 8 compatible 3D card
1GB minimum HD space
CD-ROM 4X or better
Audio DirectX 8.0 compatible
Sound card DirectX 8.0 compatible
Internet/Network Play TCP/IP Internet or IP connection.

Campaign set-up

Start the game and click the campaign tab. On the campaign screen click the NEW CAMPAIGN tab. To the right under CAMPAIGN SET click GHOST RECON and select the difficulty level then type in a name for that campaign under the heading CAMPAIGN NAME. Click start and repeat the above for DS/IT.

To start a campaign from the main menu click campaign and under the heading CAMPAIGNS click one you want to play. Click resume campaign and start

Patch v1.2/ v1.3.5/ v1.4

You are patched to v1.3 or v1.4 so if you only have GR then you are only able to game with others that are Running GR patched to v1.3 or v1.4.

If you have GR/DS v1.3 or v1.4 then your only able to game with other players with GR/DS and patched to v1.3 or v1.4. Or if you host and want other mates to join you with only GR then once again your going to have to deactivate DS.

If you have GR/DS/IT patched to v1.3 or v1.4 then you can game with anyone with those CD,s. But if the host your trying to join is running Mods then your going to have to download those Mods in order to join the game.

So once again if any of your buddies don't have all three CD's, then your going to have to deactivate the ones they don't have to let them join you

Start and Join UBI

Ok buddy click start/all programs/UBI .com/play online You will get a small window pop up and if you don't have an account click account or just type your name and password in the right spot and click login. Your will be confronted with a splash screen that is an Auto update patcher and just let this run it's course to install the Ubi software.

When that has finished you will be returned to the same small window and now click login. The ubi lobby and friends list will load and when that happens find the Ghost Recon GAME and click the word play now. Another screen will load and look for the GR Island Thunder UNDER THE retail heading.

Now you will see the players list and room names. To join a game double click a game name in the top left of the screen witch is above the chat screen. A splash screen will pop up and load the game now two thing will happen here. If the host of the game isn't in playing a game but is waiting for players to join there will be a holding area where your still able to chat with the players waiting to join.

When the host starts the game you will see a 25 second count down and then you will join his set-up screen. The other possibility is that the game is already up and running and you will be placed in the multiplayer waiting room. You will see the list of gamers playing and if there is any gamers in the waiting list. You will also see the game type and the settings and the message of the day if there is one. Or you maybe lucky enough to get in the set-up room ready to choose your weapon and join a team.

Ghost Recon .exe

Start/ all programs/UBI.com/ play online/ click login/

Under available games on the Ghost Recon click "Play Now" Under the heading "Multiplayer Lobbies" / "Retail" click Ghost Recon 1.

On the top right click "Options/ Lobby Settings/ Ghost Recon tab

Click Detect/ Auto-Detect recommended/ place a tick in the drive where GR is installed on your computer/ click start/ ok

Direct IP Set-up

1-Start the game while online and click the MULTIPLAYER tab and then click the INTERNET tab up the top left of your screen. Down the bottom left you will see this so just backspace these zero's and add your friends IP address in there and click the ADD tab if it's a fixed IP and it will then be displayed in the SERVER NAME listings.

If it's a dialup then just type the IP address and click JOIN GAME.

2-If your going to be host then start the game click MULTIPLAYER tab and up the top left click the CREATE GAME tab. You will be in the MULTIPLAYER SCREEN and down the bottom in yellow writing will be your IP address so you must send that to all players you want to join your game. They then inturn follow the above in step one.

To really enjoy the full online experience you will need GR/DS/IT CD's as if you don't have all three games it will be a bit harder to find games.


Install in this order GR/DS/IT and if you have the Gold Edition Pack I believe you are then patched to V1.4. To check this start the game and on the first GR screen down the bottom right you will see the version number.

If you need any GR Version patches here is the link:

Patch v1.4 http://www.ghostrecon.com/patch.php

08-24-2003, 08:43 PM
ok thanks..well i got the not installed probem taken care of but do i need the patches to play? do they make it much better? because patch v1.3 is huge 47MB

08-24-2003, 11:25 PM
To PhEnOm_,

If you plan on gaming online then you will need the patches as just about everyone has the GR/DS/IT and all patched. What CD's of the game do you have? The patches do fix allot of problems in the game and fixes some sound problems and below is the link to the patches and what they fix and improve.

Patch v1.3, v1.4 http://www.ghostrecon.com/patch.php?param=pcgr

Just remember to save the patches to disk so you never have to Down load them again./i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif