View Full Version : Additional Outfits and a Élise de la Serre Expansion/DLC

10-26-2015, 01:20 AM
Hey all, just here to share some things I've been thinking about. One being that I would really like to see more outfits for both Syndicate and unity in the from of dlc. In unity's case one thing that drove me nuts was the fact that Arno signature look/outfit(Arno's Tailored gear) was reduced to level 3 gear. Why they decided to do this I have no idea. Although syndicate does not have the deep customization like unity did at least the signature outfits of Jacob and evie are wearable without effecting gameplay in a negative way. I would definitely like to see that gear set (Arno tailored gear )being turned into an actual outfit as dlc for both unity and syndicate. Another outfit I would like to see is Ac2 Ezio outfit, but instead like last year we got the brother hood outfit again. And other legacy outfits are also absent in syndicate . All in all i would just like to see more outfits even if its put in as paid dlc for both unity and syndicate.

Another thing is I'm really liking the ability to play as both Jacob and Evie but at the same time I think to myself it would be so awesome if we could do this with Elise back in unity. And after reading the book and getting to know and understand her more she has easily become one of my favorite characters. There so much stuff in that book that we can play it would be awesome. These are just few things I would love to see happen.

10-27-2015, 12:16 AM
Too late now...