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10-25-2015, 11:30 PM
Hey there!

As a reader of this forum you are most likely exited for ForHonor. And so am I. I can't ****ing wait :) !!
I hope you all enjoy the Forum as much as I do. It's cool to have a community i can share my hype with. So i don't mean to piss off the community as a whole or anyone in particular with this post.

But there is something that i want to be said and i'm afraid it can't be said without accusing some people of beeing shortsighted. I am talking about some of you guys, who have made threats in which you ask the developers to put this iconic fighter, or that local hero into the game, basicly because thats a representant of your culture and you would be proud to play as him or her.

I am very critical towards these "please put my grampa in the game" requests.
Let us please wise up and be honest: None of the Charakters in ForHonor are actual historical figures who represent a society or culture. They are the popcultural versions of those Figures, which were always more myth than reality even at the time of their very existance.
But is it a bad thing if i want to ignore that and just love the thought of a knight hacking a Samurai to pieces ? Holy****No ! And would it be a bad thing if i love the thought of a specifically russian medivial warrior who is decapitating a mongol invader? Hmmm...
The beautiful thing about the Samurai/Viking/Knight constellation is, that we have all known these characters since our childhood fairytales. We built LEGO castles with them, later saw them in cartoons, read about their adventures in books, then learnt about the actual Historical background in school / TVdocumentaries / journals etc. Now we play them in video games. That makes those figures so flexible and colourful, that we can do with them whatever we want.
With a specificially russian warrior, as was requested by someone, the case would be different. We've just added a very concrete dimension to our little bloody playground. Now we have an Enemy.... Not a Knight (Whatever that is) but a Russian... Do we want that ?
I think not. I don't want that political dimension here. The knight might be popculture but the crusader isn't. And when he beheads Saracenic warriors (they were also requestet) then that game suddenly differs a lot from the fantasy of the little boy that we all were (srry girlgamers) that asked "Wouldn't it be supercool if a samurai and a knight..." . So it's all about the context.

History has always be used by society to built myth, stuff we want to believe about ourselves. And History has always been abused to make one group superiour and others inferiour, to spreat conflict between social groups. Let us not even get close to the possibility of giving ForHonor that twist by making the fractions paralleling historical reality.

I hope i don't sound paranoid. I myself own several books about norse mythology, have a sword hanging on my wall and a thor's hammer around my neck. Hell, i even braid my beard, cause i hope that makes me look more vikingish (Will play a knight, tho :) )
So you can't say i am the first to hyperventilate just because someone likes imagery that is associated with a cultural group.Hope that gives me some credit so you consider for a moment if a conversation about that topic wouldn't be a viable thing.

I know what you're thinking: What's the big deal if we play "Crusaders against Sarrazen warriors" ? Countless other games have done this before, we already fought historical battles in AoE, fought WWII on the one and the other side, conquered the world up and down.
Well, one of the things i love about that bloody mess called ForHonor is that this Massacre is so innocent. The Reason lies in the background of the Viking/Knight/Samurai thing that i have described above. It's like they put us grown ups back into the childhood games we played. But now we are FSK 18, so things are as bloody as they always should have been :p . I am back in my childhood's Sandbox with my wooden sword ! And i want Nationalism and Racism to stay out of my ******* Sandbox !!

So, yes : A Knight killing a Samurai is awsome. But we should watch all the beautiful carnage from the same perspektive from which we could also watch Superman fighting Southpark's Cartman. (And we just happen to think that Samurais are way cooler than superman, right ? C'moooon)
Cause if we don't then what ? Then we are in an intellectual trap. If we don't see the popcultural image, then we have to see the national or even racial Icon.
And Let us NOT accept an interpretition of ForHonor as a War of cultures.

This goes out to the devs : Please, keep the games' characters as unpolitical as they are. Don't let the shadow of real conflict get into the way of positive competitive sportsmanship.

This goes out to the community : Let us keep the distance that we need to the characters we play. Let us not abuse them as tocens for cultural conflicts.
And lets all smash our heads, ramm castle gates and berserk through the enemy lines with a smile on our faces, free of any historical/national/political burdens. Lets enjoy what we really seek: Sporting Rivalry, friendship, Competition and tons of fun.

If you want, feel free to discuss :)