View Full Version : [PS4] New Epoch clan recruitment!

10-25-2015, 11:21 PM
New Epoch
It's not the end; it's the beginning.

What's up everyone! It's Drathel recruiting for New Epoch. While the beta is still pretty far out, getting players together beforehand is critical. Hopefully New Epoch will outlast this winter through the release of the full game.

Why New Epoch is for You:

- New Epoch is going to be very organized, aiming to have friendly and skilled players online for you to play with at all times
- Clan events, such as Dark Zone Night where New Epoch's members all go to the Dark Zone and show that we are superior.
- Interaction between members. There will obviously be a PS4 community for the clan where we will have different competitions with each other
- We're in it together. Members help each other out on difficult quests or missions to make sure we progress together

If You're Interested:

- Reply down below saying that you're interested!
- Comment your PSN ID and why you want to join