View Full Version : PC Nvidia Simulated Fur causing crashing?

10-25-2015, 09:33 PM
I recently upgraded to a GTX 980 TI from a GTX 770.
Before the upgrade, I had essentially everything maxed out expect for the special nvidia stuff.
After installing the GTX 980 TI, I maxed out/ultraed everything (including the nvidia stuff). While the game looks amazing and Im getting consistent 60-80 fps, I keep getting these annoying crashes every now and then (like once every 2 hours) that I didnt have with the GTX 770.

I think it might be something with the simulated fur. On my 770, I ran fur on standard, now on the 980 ti, I run it on simulated. For example, during the first shangri la visit, when you pull the knife out of the tiger and he disappeared, the tiger disappeared but the outline of his fur still stayed. Also many times where it crashed was where there were animals near by (like first longinus in the cave with the bear).
My graphics drivers are all updated.
CPU and GPU temps are normal. (CPU maxes out at 58C, GPU maxes out at 77C)
VRAM and RAM are about half used
Anyone have/had these problems or know a solution?

10-26-2015, 12:27 AM
yes Nvidia borked it in the drivers

shut off all game works settings crash problems seem to go away ........ see the ending pages of that thread ..seems to be a driver problem