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10-25-2015, 09:18 PM
Hello, darling support! It's time your dedicated player support you!
I have great ideas were born to improve the functions of Ubisoft Club, to make it more attractive and to attract more people!

First, badge "Show me the money!" must necessarily be replaced by the "Show your perseverance (strong)."
The fact is that not everyone needs all the awards in the game that just bought for U-nits. And it is foolish badge spenders. Whereas where appropriate and relevant would be a badge is awarded to the player for the fulfillment of all game achievements!
Kill at once four hare:
1) there is an additional incentive for careful gaming and replay,
2) worth bragging and the spirit of competition, as the value of the badge will be the maximum,
3) finally will make sense beat of achievement,
4) gamer saves his U-nits that he can spend on your own, and not on compulsion.
In addition, badge "Show your perseverance" can be divided into three versions: bronze, giving for the implementation of 25% of all the achievements, silver (50% achievement) and gold (100% achievement).

Secondly, additional badge "Devotion" would once again encourage the gamers for the time spent in the game! It is also reasonable to divide into three levels depending on won back hours.

Third, the counter of playing time! It's necessary! As on the website and in the client uplay!

Fourth, challenges! Increase, diversify and introduce in-game menu the client uplay!

Fifth, the level of the player Ubisoft Club. We need to develop an idea! While this is just a set of numbers, and I would like to each new level rewarded the next badge, in-game bonuses (for example, new weapons, abilities, currency), the soundtrack, expands design options and management Ubisoft Club.

Sixth, to introduce the possibility of creating League (cells, gangs, groups) that would unite the interests of the few players to compete with other gangs for fame and prizes. Example: a few fans of the series Assassin's Creed knock together group, assign it a name, logo, slogan, and begin to fight with other similar gangs, the purpose of which will be the glory and the rewards (experience gang, rank accomplices, in-game bonuses, U-nits, special badges). Assignments, challenges and activities for gangs issued to support line at specified intervals. Other alliances would include other games Ubisoft with their tasks.

Seventh, the messages history. It has always be needed! Implement has at last!

For a start it will be enough. If you manage to put these items in your project Ubisoft Club, dear developers, then you far and long overtake its direct competitors - Steam and Rockstar Social Club, friends! I sincerely it wish all of us! Amen!

I hope I'm not in vain to rend the air! Your sincere friend and a big fan! :cool:


ps. Sorry for bad english! It's all a google-translate! :rolleyes: