View Full Version : Free play Assassin's Creed

10-25-2015, 08:24 PM
I have enjoyed all the games of assassins creed each has its own unique gameplay. However what I liked most was that you had assassin recruits that you called soon to help if you needed them with but that all stopped with from assassin's creed 3. I would like them back, also a game where you played just as an assassin not a main character that had a storyline but one that just worked his way through the ranks of the assassin order. So you start as a recruit helping other assassin's on there missions, if you was selected like in revelations where you could call upon recruits to kill someone or distract. With each bit of experience you start to climb through the ranks, till you start to do your own missions then have your own branch or order in a city or town, that you run training recruits sending them on missions with you or own there own. I know this would be hard to make and take quite a long time but if anyone from ibis oft reads this would like a reply on how possible this is and if it would make it to game?