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10-25-2015, 08:12 PM
Hello there!

Wow... i thought i had finally grown up, become mature, developed a clear and adult way of thinking. You know, you try to see things as they are. An unreleased game for example is no more than an unreleased game. You want to be like "Oh, that game is propably cool, but i've got to do some laundry now, so i wont watch every freaking minute of youtube-video about it. Might check if its released every 3 months or so."
I thought i had outgrown hypes.
And now i am sitting here, wondering how this detail will look like, and how that mechanic will work, how far customisation goes, how awesome it would feel to defeat 3 foes in a row, how this is the perfect game to play/fight side by side with your friends, if i am VIKING; SAMURAI OR KNIGHT etcetc.

You guys realise that we are not unlike a band of 13 year old girls speculating how their favourite boybandmember's hair smells like? Well, just... the manly way... with swords and vikings.

When your so hyped that your beard grows 5 cm a day ( i swear it does ! Guess my body gets rid of some enthusiasm that way) you of course sacrifice at least 3 goats a day, praying for an answer to the the question "When ? Oh Gods, WHEN ? "

Of course i am not all senseless fever-talk and bad grammar, i've done my research and know that there are no news yet concerning an alpha / beta / gamma or release date. To throw in my own 2Cents of completly speculative guesswork, i would expect the game to be released at the end of 2016, though i hope that it will be more, ummm, around next weekend. Well, there is always hope, right ?

If you have read this far, you are clearly having too much free time, which explains why you are speculating about a videogame that wont be released for months and also makes you the perfect person to answer my questions, which i will now ask... in an epic way...
.....Here they come
.....Wait for it
.....Hear the cracking of the Castle Gate (like in the trailer...epicness..)
.....Ok: My questions are concerning the function of alpha/beta versions. I have NEVER participated in playing an alpha or beta version and in fact never even bothered to do so. So i just have no knowledge about them and need some help here:

- What exactly is the difference between an Alpha and a beta Version ? Obviously, the beta is more progressed but is the Alpha version the one that they show us on events and not usually playable at home?
-How many people might participate in the playing of the pre-release versions of the game? I have difficulties to make out how big ForHonor really is, community-wise, so it's hard for me to predict how many ppl will be given access.
-Once an Alpha or Beta version is out and we can play it, are the happy chosen ones able to play until the game comes out, or for a significant but limited amount of time (some months) or only for a very short period ?
-When can Alphas, Betas and demo versions be expected in realation to the release date of the game itself? I read somewhere on this forum, that they are usually close to it. However, the betas i have followed, were running for more than six months if i remember correctly (Mostly SC2 and the 2 expansions, but those are rts).

As you can see, i have a hot, juicy, exciting fantasy of using the early versions to master the game's controls. They shall be the first first steps i take on my path to virtuosity of virtual sword art and complete domination of the battlefield. :D
Now please take a second to enjoy the glorious and dramatic laughter that i end my post with

Thank you, friends :)

10-26-2015, 12:40 AM

First of all, great questions and I'll do my best to accurately answer them.

First of all the difference between a beta and an Alpha. Well first of all, really in terms they mean nothing. Generally though an Alpha is usually either phase one of public testing so it could contain a lot or is an early build demo of a game that they want to try on the public. The build at all these public events so far where it is knight vs knight. Could very well be considered an alpha. I mean they're just labels really. A beta tends to be closer to release so one to two months before release and its generally to get opinions on gameplay mechanic tweaks, weapon balancing and general feedback.

I think when it comes to this game, the alpha will probably be done for the same purpose as the beta, just different times or they might only do a beta. Its not clear yet on what they exactly intend to do.

As for how many people will participate, this, we know nothing about. If its a closed beta or alpha, meaning only select number of people will be involved, then obviously it won't be the entire community but if its an open alpha or beta then the sky is the limit really.

The Alpha/Beta will only be for a limited time, I can't imagine, unless you're involved with company in a more serious way such as a game tester that you'd be able to get an open pass to play until the games launch. I could be wrong but most of the time Alphas and Betas will only run for a short period of time, usually a week, sometimes a little more. In the example of SC2 like you said, its an RTS and therefore those would run months in advance.

The Beta is likely only to be running around a couple months before launch so for example if the game was a November/December release then you're talking about September. If they do an Alpha it would run before then, they might do something in the summer. Who knows.

They could even do testing next year, early and do mini test periods up until launch to gauge feedback etc. I think right now everything is up in the air and as SpaceElephant said here: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1298029-For-Honor-Beta?p=11099735&viewfull=1#post11099735

Its a case of staying tuned.

10-26-2015, 11:33 AM
Thank you for your answers, Dead1y-Derri !
That was really helpful. :cool:

10-26-2015, 07:17 PM
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10-26-2015, 07:47 PM
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