View Full Version : You can initiate Sequence 8 at whatever point you want? (Slight Spoilers)

10-24-2015, 11:13 AM
When i take a look at the "assassination targets board",i can check on the sequence 8.It says that i need to conquer 3 boroughs to relive this sequence of memories.So,this means that:

A)You need to conquer 3 boroughs and complete sequence 7


B)You just need to conquer 3 boroughs


10-24-2015, 11:18 AM
As far as I know, it has been pointed out in several reviews, it's B)

And to be honest, I think (though I'm not sure) that original idea was to choose the order of any of the sequences you like, as in terms of overall story structure they're interchangeable (apart from cutscenes that begin and bookend them)

I would even say that it's weird that Sequence 8 can be completed whenever you like, because in terms of the character arc, it makes sense for it to be last before Sequence 9, and unlike Sequences 4-7, it really influences Jacob's character arc.

10-24-2015, 11:49 AM
is one of the things that puzzled me in this game,this is never done before in the series,I curious if maybe we have a easter egg second ending like FarCry 4 for breaking the sequence,I know that Animus/Helix made this irrelevant but remember that this makes the assassins find the Shroud more quicka second save file will be very useful in this game...

and I know that AC is too canon heavy for that kind of liberty...