View Full Version : North American Team Taking Profiles [Competitive Talent Search]

10-24-2015, 02:01 AM
The New Era, Formerly a part of eSpartans, is now taking portfolios for the Core roster of our Competitive Six Siege line-up.
Note: [Ages 18+]This is NOT an open recruitment thread. All talent applicants are POTENTIAL members, nothing is final until made so between the applicant and New Era management.

Its hard to welcome someone with open arms onto any kind of team without having seen their ability nor their attitude in action. ESPECIALLY when the activity (or game in this situation) has yet to even be publicly available. Recently, the North American side of eSpartans has decided to split off from the EU counterparts as a result of wanting to progress at their own pace, on their own terms.

Our focus is first and foremost making sure the Competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege is represented appropriately to try and ensure the growth of its popularity in the rising eSports mix. With Consistent practice and dedication, we hope to exemplify Siege at its highest form of Play.
If you feel as though you'd be the right fit to join us in our journey through the eSports scene, contact eS.Woahverine on Uplay for more information on inquiring; can't wait to meet ya!