View Full Version : In game Helix points.

10-23-2015, 02:59 PM
How do you earn them and can you earn enough?

10-24-2015, 04:34 PM
In Syndicate? You can get 200 helix points free from Ubisoft Club, just navigate to it in the start menu then go to More Rewards and it is there.

Alternatively, somewhere along the way I picked up 200 helix points just from playing. Might've been from conquering the whole district of whitechapel or from a story mission I'm not sure. I do know though that I was given 75 more helix points after I collected a certain amount of Helix Glitches in-game.

As for what you're asking about earning enough, it depends, A lot of the things you use the credits for can be bought repeatedly, for example the money packs, crafting resource packs etc. If you're asking if you can earn enough to buy the maps for the glitches, music boxes, crafting plans and unique crafting items then I highly doubt you can, and to be honest you're probably better off to just play the game and get the crafting plans and unique items that way.

If i earn another 25 helix points I will be using the 1000 I will have to buy the Helix Glitches map, because theres no other way to get them to all show up. I can look up online where to find the music boxes.