View Full Version : Ubisoft Club | Uplay integration & Club page

10-23-2015, 11:49 AM
I like how this Club thing has been intergrated into the Uplay client. But some Club statistics aren't displayed correctly (since the Beta):

- The Crew: Missing the "Show me the money!" badge while obtained all rewards (Also on club.ubi.com)
- Zombi & Prince of Persia TFS: While Uplay enabled games, no "Club Actions" or any Club integration in the client.
- Zombi & Prince of Persia TFS are listed under My Games on the Club Page (club.ubi.com) and/but Tintin is completely missing on this same page
- Tintin: Action/Rewards/Badges AND Xp are "there" but not displayed correctly. (I.E.: Actions shows 0/0 while all completed)
- Achievements count isn't shown in the Overview anymore (?)

Speaking of Beta... I never received that special bonus for participating in the Beta :o


12-06-2015, 05:23 PM
Also, the shawn white skateboarding isn't showing up correctly (0/0 exp and 0/0 uplay credits) when you look at the game page, but when you look at your profile, it shows up correctly