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10-23-2015, 05:13 AM
Hi all

This is my suggestion to Ubisoft , regarding the modern Day. First of all , good that you bought back some modern day lore, even if not playable gave us some insights on what is going on. Being a PC player, I decided just watch a video regarding the modern day (i.e I watched all the MD cutscenes and the hidden part of the game) to keep my excitement up.

I opened a separate thread , because this suggestion is directed to the devs reading the forums please consider this idea, for the 2016 game

In Syndicate we do see return of our "favourite characters" in the Modern Day section , but all in format of cutscenes , apart from the cutscenses we also had a "simulation" contributing to the lore.

But you missed a trick right there ubisoft, Instead of the doing the simulation, you could have just mades some of the cutscenes playable. Because the content of the cutscenes were too good, Yes we the initiate , would still go through the memories for "assassins", but that does not mean "the real world player" cannot control the actions of some awesome characters in there. If the same cutscenes were made into similarly timed linear missions, I promise even those who are unhappy with it not being playable would have just been pleased.

That would have been a great addition , to the already existing positive vibes. Yes you had some assets for the simulation, but you did create the levels. Same approach with the assets you had in the cutscenes , would have been brilliant.

Modern day to me being "playable" is not a necessity, BUT you missed a great opportunity to have made the player experience even better right there. You did do the addition simulation, it hadvalue, but all the content in there , could have been added to the cutscenes you did. with some playable sections.

Next time please consider this. The very idea regarding this got me so excited. Imagine if it were true :)

This is my biggest suggestion to you Ubi, A neat trick you missed. Let the 2016 game try do this.

Hearing good stuff about the game overall though. :cool:

10-24-2015, 04:41 PM
next year game are almost done :P

so maby to 2017 that are in dev for the moment :)