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10-20-2015, 02:29 PM
hello , sorry to bother you , but I just signed up to ask a few questions about upcoming syndicate ...
I am a fan of Assassin's creed and till now I have played revolution , Ac III , AC IV , AC rouge ( and also watch dogs )
I gotta be honest always wanted to play Unity but I heard the game if a failure so I didn't bother to play it but Unity was always different , when I look back I honestly don't see major graphic changes between III , black flag IV and rouge , maybe a bit of improve between III and IV but still they feel the same and , they kinda feel Colorless ( expect for IV which didn't feel that way ) and no I am not color blind :) but Unty had some really crazy major graphic changes at least it is what you see in gameplay videos right !? and it felt like something NEW ! but this Syndicate graphics looks worse than Unity and not just that they feel way more colorless like everything is gray ? what is that about really ? and also Syndicate feels kinda old with new stuff , it really feels like playing watchdogs and rouge ( something between them ) I mean it's not as different as the way Unity was !
but on the other hand the gameplay is stronger than unity , but the graphics part :( I really hope it be better than what I saw in videos and don't be just some clone of previous versions in graphics part , I hope it be something strong and new like UNITY !
well be glad if someone answer these 3 questions
1) why syndicate feels colorless ? ( like every thing is gray )
2) Syndicate graphics would be something cool and bad *** looking like Unity or old and kinda boring like watch dogs and rouge ? I mean is the graphics as impressive and untiy ? more like movie than animated movie ?
3) Ac series keep going to future , like call of duty ( p.s won't be surprised to see next cods in star wars ages lol ) ??

10-20-2015, 02:44 PM
1. You may have been watching a bad video... I haven't watched this but it is directly from Ubisoft https://youtu.be/5vc0waXUjtg I would expect it to be full colour.
2. I played the demo and it was very colourful and the graphics were similar to Unity...
3. All the memories we play have to be in the past because that's where memories are... the previous series has moved forward but it can jump to any time and anywhere... which is what is so great about AC,.we can visit any great event and any famous or infamous person, any city before it was destroyed, any monument, any war or any disaster... it is a wealth of opportunities...

10-20-2015, 06:17 PM
thanks for answers just a bit of question here , you said Graphics is similar to unity but when I compare any 2 videos of these games I see Unity's graphics still has more advantages than Syndicate , for example character you are playing is more detailed and more clear in unity
& also seems like environments in unity feels more real than syndicate , It's clear graphics are similar but also matters which has better graphics and if it is Unity , then why is that ?
also seems like the Unity needs a better system and syndicate Or maybe I shouldn't judge by pre-alpha or demo versions yet , maybe there is some improvements for syndicate graphics when it comes out ...
I hope it really be like the pic shows above ^^
p.s: there is really no sword in game ?

10-20-2015, 06:51 PM
Maybe you are looking at Unity PC graphics and all footage of Syndicate is console at the moment... I was comparing Unity console graphics to Syndicate console graphics... I haven't seen any PC Syndicate graphics yet...

But I cannot wait :)

There is a sword in Jacobs cane

10-20-2015, 10:44 PM
Unity had better prerendered lightning, but Syndicate has real time day-night cycle. Everything else is almost the same (in same engine).

10-21-2015, 01:11 PM
Maybe you are looking at Unity PC graphics and all footage of Syndicate is console at the moment... I was comparing Unity console graphics to Syndicate console graphics... I haven't seen any PC Syndicate graphics yet...

But I cannot wait :)

There is a sword in Jacobs cane

lol , of course that is why i started topic in AC PC forum :) maybe you are right , I guess i was comparing Unity pc graphics with Syndicate console graphics , which PC has more advantages in graphics part in most of games , so we gotta wait to see how will Syndicate do on PC , after Unity that Ubisoft promised Pc players that syndicate will shine on pc :)
I really hate consoles that is why i never play on them and the reason is you can control you in game character in any game much easier than consoles & not just that , those mods and all other things for pc :) and with this great windows 10 who needs console anymore ? not just it can run every X-box game but also it is much faster than before in gaming ...
btw , i know there isn't swords in this game as much as before because it's more modern but swords really look cool most of times , for example picture above that sword in the hand of arno ( Ac unity ) ,

10-21-2015, 03:59 PM
Syndicate as stated by Danny_rx7 (is that the Suzuki rx7 ? ) is using the same engine as Unity which is why many think the specs will be similar, but also why the graphics will be the same. I am more a gameplay person so graphics are nice (Unity was incredible... so many great screenshots posted on here) but I like the stealth, action, missions and collectibles more.

I cannot use a controller very well at all... but then I've used a keyboard all my life..;). the next gen consoles have really improved their graphics, I was quite impressed at the EGX. BUT as we both like swords.... have you seen FOR HONOR... I'm learning (slowly) to use a controller because it is an AWESOME sword game... it can be played with mouse and keyboard but if you use a controller it swings the sword with the analogue joystick.... it's even harder for me because I'm left handed and I think it uses the right thumb but I'm going to try to learn a controller just to swing the sword around...

Plus it is like Unity co-op with 4 ... I'm really hyped about that game.