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10-20-2015, 01:31 AM
Hey everyone,

Full dislcaimer, I am one of the founders of OpenCritic. I'm also a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series and have played all but Unity (sorry, but couldn't support that one :-\ )

We're all pretty hyped for Syndicate, and thought this would be a good place to reach out. Syndicate has been the first title to get special treatment, and we'd really appreciate any feedback or comments.

Embargo Countdown Clock + Media Page: http://opencritic.com/#!game/1660/assassins-creed-syndicate

Two of our key tenants are "Celebrate Games" and "Be Transparent," and we're hoping that this page helps achieve both. We're all really excited for Syndicate, and we hope that we can do it justice when it comes to aggregating its reviews next week.

This is our first stab at these kind of pages, so we wanted to reach out directly to the Assassin's Creed community and get your feedback. Does this page do Syndicate justice? Is it useful? Is it clear? Any feedback at all is much appreciated.