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10-18-2015, 09:07 PM
Feedback | Bugreport of Ingame issues

In this Report, I want to describe some Bugs during my Gaming.

1. When you use the function to lean left/right, your sight bows with it (about 20-30).
If you get wounded (laying on ground) in this condition and get back revived, than your sight still "remembers" this sightchange.. even if you don’t lean anymore. (your first person view is permanently rotated.)
So you would have to lean in the opposite direction, to have a normal view for the rest of the round.

2. When pulling a Grenade and you get wounded + back revived. The next time I’ve tried to threw this Grenade, it would not leave my Hand. Result: unwanted Suicide (cause it was an explosive nate T.T)

3. A special spot of the Map "Boston Suburb" was extremely easy to fall of the roof (and get wounded, lying on the ground). So in one round, 3 Players of my (reliable) Team Fall of this spot (after one Person fall and the other tried to rescue him and also slip.
It was the North/East corner over the workshop.

All this 3 occurrences have just been experienced once, without a second test.

4. Also on the map "Boston Suburb" when you try to shoot through the window, the jalousie wound block any Bullet.. in my experience, it was over 50%, even when I tried to avoid to hit it.
It is the North Window of the Upper Hallway (between workshop and bathroom)

More known, are the Bugs of Drones (and one Operator-startposition) falling of the map when spawning, but I guess I don’t have to mention that anymore.
Same for the Matching problems, when your Game just stop searching for other players(, till you reset the search).

Finally some normal Feedbacks:

In my opinion, the standard-Operators should have the opportunity to choose weapon-upgrades like these to increase accuracy or mount gunsights. That is the highest reason, why I try to avoid these classes (and dont want to give away my/your favorite class). This would give newcomers higher chances and less the feeling of a disadvantage.

Terrorist hunt as Lonely-Wolf might have too less timelimit and gives not enough Money compared to any other action.

The Sniperrifle of twitch seems to be too weak for destroying objects/barricades and your chance vs Bomber (KI-Enemy) is lower than with any other Primary weapon. (cause the low clipsize 10+1 and seemingly no additional penetrationpower compared to other weapons)

I personally feel like the Defenders should have 5 seconds more for building up a Defense (and drones start 5 sec later). The time is just sufficient, when you’re playing with a Team, where everyone (is in your Headset-party and) knows exactly what to do. It would give "less coordinated-/random teams" better chances to survive the Defense.
(as example putting up Jammers, but a teammate barricades a door and you have to break it again. In this case, the drones of the attackers are already everywhere in the floor and you sometimes just feel like to shoot the teammate.)

Hope this is the right place to post this :P
sorry for any wrong English, cause its not my first language.
But as former member of a Bugfixing-team, I feel obliged to write at least the Bugs.

Chrono | Xbox One
Edit: Thanks to Microsoft for the BetaAccess