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10-18-2015, 12:03 AM

Once again, WTF Ubisoft! Do yourselves and me a favour and pull the plug out of uPlay. It is useless, slow, and nobody, i repeat NOBODY wants it.

-I know what games I have.
-I know what I want, 1 buggy ubisoft title will do.
-and I know what I want.

STOP ADVERTISING YOUR "GAMES" AT ME. I don't care what's on sale on uPlay, I only care to avoid uPlay as MUCH as possible so by showing me those games, you're actually showing me what I SHOULD NOT buy.

I have no asked for these ads, I don't believe these ads are legally served here in Europe. I don't want them, make an option to make them disappear, or I will block that crappy program at all costs, I can still play your titles, just won't be seeing any leader boards--like I care about those. They're always the same some Russian with 23094823908498234 points.

SCRAP THE UPLAY PROJECT IT WAS 0/10. IT STILL IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE. People only use it because they're forced to use it, just like Origin, what a mallware are these programs.

10-18-2015, 07:08 PM
What ads are you talking about? The ones that show up once a day when you exit a game? Big deal... (I'm not saying they shouldn't make an option to disable them, but to call that malware is going too far)
And precisely why do you think they are illegal in Europe?

Also, contrary to popular belief, there are actually people who have no problem with using Uplay (including me).

You could have, instead of raging like this, searched this forum and you would have found other threads about those ads. You could have posted a comment there to show your criticism in a constructive way. That would have had a lot more effect than this. I bet people from Ubisoft will just ignore this post when they see the title and the caps. Also, threads with lots of replies tend to stand out more.

10-20-2015, 12:42 PM
There is no way to disable this in the current build but it has been noted as a suggestion for the future. Thanks.

Thank you.