View Full Version : Things that I think could really be a game changer for rainbow 6 siege

10-16-2015, 05:33 PM
Being a fan since rainbow six rogue spear the siege is definitely a step up but at the same time it doesn't feel like the rainbow 6 it used to be. It is definitely a step up in term of graphics and new toys to play within the game but there is also a lot of restriction compared to what the previous games such as r6 Vegas 2 offered.

For me I see the need of being able to communicate without team speak for example in r6 Vegas you could tell your team mates where you want to breach and how you want to breach in single player terrorist hunt or other single player modes (maybe you guys could also incorporate this in multiplayer). Although team-speak enables us to better coordinate around when playing single player in terrorist hunt I think this might be something nice to have.

Other things I could see that was removed was the team or operators you could have. In the past r6 games I believe you had a lot of teams to choose from and also from many countries such as USA, italy, Canada, Australia and more. I believe being able to make your own team in the single-player terrorist hunt or other game modes, made it a rainbow 6 game developed from its past, following its past 'family tradition'.

Other things that this could have is ability to communicate in the lobby or when waiting to join the game through chatting and also while waiting in the loading screen (waiting on your team-mates to be ready). Maybe you could have a floor plan or map of the area you are being deployed in so you could still plan on your insertion or how your team will enter the game before being deployed instead of having a waiting screen with the inability to do anything.

Another thing I could see that could help this game in my perspective is maybe a game mode of when in the rainbow team there is an operator working against the team this could put players on edge not trusting whether there teammates is a terrorist and also maybe vice versa in the terrorist team where there is an undercover rainbow operator.

I see that rainbow six has great potential, maybe later on you guys could incorporate this mode of where you have two factions one terrorist the the other being rainbow 6. For example maybe you could have people before starting the game to choose whether to be a rainbow 6 operator or a terrorist. And have the players customize there hq (base) with traps and more and for the r6 players have them also be able to customise there hq and be able to perform raids on terrorist players. Also have the teams within the two factions so its not just two massive teams of factions rather it's a max of 5 people in your team when you conduct a raid. The key difference from the normal multiplayer is to have the ability to customise your base with your team. Have training facilities in the r6 HQ vice versa in the terrorist HQ maybe you guys could add more stuff.

(multiplayer maybe you could have this in terrorist hunt as well) And one last thing I think could be a game changer is being able to take the enemy players as hostage or as human shields. To make a game longer maybe the while playing a simple team death match it turns into rescuing your team-mates from your enemies captivity. For example when a team mate is down waiting to be revived maybe the terrorist team could heal the enemy and take him hostage. Maybe while the terrorist have the hostage they decide to have countdown of when there team mates get executed and during that time you can have the r6 operators trying to rescue the team mate.

Also being able to create a game in multiplayer or terrorist hunt would be good and also when joining a game instead of waiting to join a team maybe you guys could have a lobby list and the players could join the game quicker as the waiting time is pretty long sometimes.

Little things such as being able to interact with your team in game such as when running out of ammo you can have the ability to ask your team mate to share ammo with you but at the same time you have the decision of losing ammo to your team mate or choosing to keep his ammo to himself. I think little things like this could really make this game live up to it's full potential.

Thank you. please note that these are things that this based on my own personal opinion. I'm not saying this should happen only that maybe this could make the game unique