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10-15-2015, 05:27 PM
Hi , i am a Customer

I am buying a lot of youre Games in the last few years , and i saw the rise of
a Epic Game Row Ac and his Fall with Syndi , the biggest Fails of Ubisoft with
Watch Dogs or AC Unity , the poor thoughts a free Game would make the
anger go away and some crazy PR Guys who told me the next Game is
a Revolution. 3 Times i Paid and get **** , AC Unity , Watch Dogs and now
the Division , are u hate Pc Gamers ? Dear Mr. Guillemot , stop youre Way
or Ubisoft will go Down . Dear Sir you was the one who told us that
90% of Pc Gamers are Pirates , this is the Problem , i would really spend my
Money for a good Game like the Witcher :) but you dont supply , you are
give a **** about us Pc player look at the Ports and the extra mods for youre Games
to get to the Grapic in the Trailers , and youre employees they work up there ***
how much they can and more and you must act because the shareholder they
want the Money and you as Leader ?What do you do ! YOU dont do anything , the first step would
be to tell them , that we will sell more Games if we do them better but u dont do it
you dont learn u put in Mircotransaktions und give us Expensive DLS and a joke
called Seasonpass for a Price that is far away from the Real World . Because if
i buy something i get something with a value . We got nothing and , i ask you .
When will u tell that Division gets milked out by you again and when will you come around
the Corner with the True ? U ask youreself why we are donwloading and cracking ?
Because Disasters Like Unity and Watch Dogs , because youre lies with Grafics .
Ore the DMR or whats about the Epic Uplay Client , go on YOutube !!! GO and watch the Videos
,,**** Uplay" search for that on Youtube , u dont give a ****. You sell youre Freedom at the Market
now you cant take it Back because the greedy shareholder want more and more , Money destroyes
youre Games , ironical because you want more than u can get with youre actings .

Have a good Day Sir , and best wishes from a Customer

And dont be stupid ore talk some **** , you want to hear from me :D here we go !!!
And good work Programmers , but sad that u post some sad things in the Code , like in Watch DOg , its Pc only who cares , :(