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10-14-2015, 02:01 AM
Lets put are heads togther to come up with things post wild run . I think its never to early to start cuz in my opinion this is the only raceing game that may last forever the one and only MMO CarPG . No idea is a bad idea ;)

I have been playing the crew for a long time , i see me doing mostly 3 things when it comes to free roaming where i spend most of my time. I drag race different cars be it perf , street , or even stock cars. I also love to drift a lot , i usually go to the snow areas so perf and street cars can slide easily. Im enjoying the game a lot . But there seems to be something missing. I know you will add drift spec cars and drag spec cars ! And I'm am extremely excited for booth . But there is one thing i enjoy most which is grouping up with people and enjoying the game no matter what i am doing. But the limit of players is 8 per session and most of the times you feel like you need more people cuz thats the core of the game. And those are things that also make the crew look bad even though i know its not and i have a hard time convincing my other friends . Things i want my self in the crew that other games have. My friends when they play different games they always brag on how much time they put in the car . Not for upgrading it, But for tuning it and personalizing it . If you introduce a new spec a (custom spec) or (CtM) where u can have tuning for this spec ( suspension , gear ratio, vinyl editor, stance, body parts) , after u get the performance parts u will still have to put a lot of time in the car just to make it as you want , and in this spec it should be a free roam only spec , people can tune there cars to drifting , drag racing , gripping , just what ever they want . And visual customization for this spec will combine all the other visual customizations imagine all the hods bumpers and spoilers of street , perf and dirt combine to make ur own car. One more thing to add on the visuals customizations are fenders . I noticed almost all cars do not have fender options . I suggest fender options to be awards. If u noticed how people started playing PVP again when the ranking system was introduced . Those rims and new colors were actually most peoples motivation . So having different fenders that will make your car stand out will defiantly be a cool way to show off your skills and even gain bragging rights . Its like any other MMO rpg where the cool looking armors and shields (fenders ,rims, bumpers and ect...)have to be achieved not only ur weapons (performance upgrades and perks )

In conclusion a custom spec for tuning and personalization

More players in the session

Fenders unlocked by wining races and challenges

IMr IException
11-24-2015, 09:41 PM
The perfect game: The Crew but with Planes, Helicopters, Boats... and maybe a house with garage.