View Full Version : Patch Notes: Draft Mode Update

10-13-2015, 05:02 PM
New Features

New Tournament Mode: Draft Mode
12 new Custom Appearance card backs, 2 for each faction

Card Balance Changes


Rotting Mummy (Uncommon)

HP: 4 -> 3


Fixed a crash in Spectator Mode
Visual Effects no longer obstruct information on the cards
Visual Effects no longer stay active while a card is in focus
Fixed a crash caused by preview of Titan Workforce on very first hand
Fixed a bug that SFX will not hide when you viewing card detail by zooming in
Fixed a bug that Ushio Naga will become a stackable creature under certain conditions
Fixed a bug that Creature ability which affects one row can't work when there is a enchant spell on the same row
Fixed a bug that abilities of Ichor Spinner will not work to Scavenger Ratkin and Venomous Touch creatures
Fixed a bug that ability of Power Blast Titan didn't work when friendly construct creatures killed an enemy creatures with Area Blast
Fixed a bug that ability of Hellfire Juggern will not work to creatures with Retribution
Fixed a bug that Ushio Naga will overlap a friendly creature when she is relocated to a friendly creature
Fixed a bug that the monthly raking in Quick Game will be 0 after a ranked match
Fixed a resource display issue when Week of Austerity triggered
Fixed a display issue when Nature Elemental receives ambush damages