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10-13-2015, 01:20 AM
Hi All!

Here's is my thoughts on the on-going beta, and some changes/tweaks that i feel would be great for the game. I will link back to my Alpha post right here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/322ayo/kern_feedback_on_the_game_after_a_first_session/

But this time, rather then being after a session of few hours, it's after days of playing the game. Currently level 36, I have all operator unlocked, all their gun upgraded, even some skins here and there, so i can safely say that I am experienced in the beta, and hopefully Ubisoft can read this and give some consideration regarding my opinions on certain aspect of the game.

Now, onward with the Thread!

Operator Tweak
With all the operators we could play in this Beta (Without Castle, Ash and Thatcher) it seems all complete, but some of them have some tweak/change that could make them a little bit better.

Remove his Breaching charge; give him Smoke or Stun Grenade instead.

Same as Sledge; remove his Breaching charge; give him Smoke or Stun grenade.

His signal Disrupter should affect IQ scanner (It should blur that area when she look that way). I would add just a little bit of range on his device. Sometime I do feel that a miss an extra inch ( ;) ) to be able to cover a corner with 2 Barricaded windows (Perfect example is the Kid Bedroom in the house).

In the Alpha he was superman, in the Beta, he is now ... lackluster. Give him back his blue background instead of the "snow" he has on his screen would benefit him a little bit. I don't know the range but seems a bit short.

Remove his damn Magnum; give him another pistol instead of that.

Make her start with a Shock Drone when the preparation phase is starting rather then a normal drone. Like that she can take care of the camera outside in advance.

Maybe a Shielded defender would fit? Since both teams are technically counter-terrorist unit, it would not be out of place.

2nd Pistol of choice would be nice for some customization.

Give her the possibility to mark the devices she see for a short period of time.

I heard Epi arguments that it is better not to so that it encourage communication, but if that was the mentality behind the game, then marking enemies with drone and camera network should not be in the game. You should just communicate what you see.

On a more serious notes, it will benefit her greatly because right now I find her the most useless of the attacker in this beta.

With his kit, the shield is a bit too much, I would remove it from him entirely, and with that it will limit the Attacking team with a maximum of 2 shields, not 3...

Sniper Attacker
With 1 Attacker left to be revealed on the spetnaz side, I do hope that it is a sniper Operator.

Should not have access to riot shield.

Now that we got the Operator out of the way, let's follow up with some Ideas.


Weapon Ready System
Was talked before here, and I will agreed with all of you, the point of SMG's was to create a compact solution for CQB, which is the totality of this game. Without a weapon ready system, the SMG's are pretty much useless since they do less damage then everything else in this game (even pistol do more damage).
What I mean by a weapon ready system, is that if you are close to the wall, your gun should drop down, not clip from the wall like it does right now.

Ammo Magazine Cycle System
I've putted that idea in my Alpha feedback, and I include it again. If you use 3 ammo in your first clip, then reload, if you go back to that clip later in the game, it has 27 rather then 30.

Credible Light System
Being able to shoot light to create darkness is a great way for defender to up their advantage by waiting in a dark corner for the shield to pass by and gun him down from behind. At the same time it would give possibility for Attackers to be able to equip a flashlight to not only light a dark area, but blind the defender as well.

A walk button
Because right now, even if move while aiming, I feel like I still do a lot of noise, which I would want to limit down if I am in a 1v3 situation and they donít know where I am.

A Dedicated Vote Kick Menu
My first point I write in my notes was a vote to kick features, after that a player made me realize that we have a vote to kick features hidden in the score board, I need to select the player, and choose vote to kick.

I feel that a Vote to kick menu (When you press Esc for example) would be much simpler then guiding player to where the Votekick is, because often the player just wont do it because it is too much trouble to do so. To add to this argument, on the PC side, we should be able to answer a vote to kick with shortcut keys (For example F7 for no, F9 for yes).

Offline mode for Lan Party / Private Matches
Will it be possible? I noticed that the first thing the game does when launching is connecting to the Ubisoft Servers, If I don't connect to it, will I be able to launch a private match anyway?

We should be able to vote who start with the Defuser, or at least make it spawn on the ground in front of the team of where they spawn.

Chat History
We should be able to scroll past messages.

Now the ideas are done, let's go ahead with the Weapon Adjustment part!

Weapon Adjustment

SMG Damage
Crank it up a bit.

Pistol Damage
Crank it down a bit.

Twitch 417 Damage
Direct Headshot is dead, but I find myself shooting guys in their bodies for 5-6 shot and they still don't drop. For a Semi-Auto weapon, it should do a little bit more damage.

Shield Melee
Their melee should knock back, and not do damage.

Flashlight Attachment
Even if you canít gun down the lights (see idea above) the use of flashlight in breaching is used to blind opponent when entering the room. The best effect of it is in Battlefield I find, sometime when I encounter a guy that has one, I try to shot in his general direction but often fail because I am blinded.

Laser Pointer On/Off Switch
I don't know if the enemy can see my pointer, but I see the one of my allies so I will assume they do. And if they do, I would like to be able to turn it off when I try to wait for them and such. It's a pretty dead giveaway if they turn a corner and see a red dot on the barricade.

And now I kept the best for last, the bugs section!


Better Shield Sync
Not a bug per say, but way to often I find myself getting headshot while I look at the guy directly with my shield, crouched, and not aiming at all. With a game that has ballistic shield like that, it should be tweak so that these kinds of thing donít happen, or else the shield will become useless.

Winning Kill Cam Adjustment
The Kill cams are... well let's say it as it is, pretty horrible. Often they just choose a player that does absolutely nothing. The simpler fix that I can see is to always show the last Kill from the winning team, even if the game dint ends with a kill.

The Ping (Z)
The ping is pretty horrid at the moment, even if I break a hole in the barricade and press Z to mark something inside, the arrow stay on the barricade...

Host Migration
So far, 3 time it happen that it says host migration on my screen, but the other players (let alone team) can move and come and shoot us freely, and then on the next round i can move again...

Other then that, when the host migration fail, it wont tell you, often it will just stay there and you need to alt+f4 or else you are stuck there. Maybe adding a timer to the host migration (Let's say 30 sec to a minute) and if the host migration is not done, drop the game would be great.

Grenade Indicator
This is a very minor bug, but it is there none the less. If you get killed, and at the same time as the animation of you dropping done someone throw a grenade at you, the indicator will stay there, even if you are in spectator mode until the next round.

Ladder issue
In 1 match, me and another player tried to use the ladder at the same time, the result is that the other player could go all the way up the ladder, and I could not get out of the ladder. I would stop climbing up a certain point so that I canít climb all the way up, and when I tried to go back down, I could not either. And I got stuck there until the player that tried to climb with me died.

Team Balance
I'll make this quick, most game where I got dropper, i find myself in a 3v4. A player joins the game, and heís in the 4 team making it a 3v5. And off course, nobody joins after to fill our team.

That's all I have for you guys! I hope that Ubisoft can take into consideration my post here. Off course I wonít get a reply saying that they are taking it into consideration, but it is ok since I am sharing my thoughts on a game that was very fun to me so far.

I am looking forward to release.


10-18-2015, 12:03 AM
I do not agree concerning removing stuff from operators (fuze, thermite, sledge), but for the rest, i do !
That ladder bug happend to me, and that was horrible, a teammate began swearing at me. I stood stuck on the ladder for the third of the round >_<

10-22-2015, 11:20 AM
Thanks god, Someone here is smart enought to make a really serious and useful Feedback. Kernumius, your post is gold for the Ubisoft, if they still hope to sell R6S.

Operators tweaks, Ideas, Weapons adjustment etc. For once I do not think: 'damnit, another dumb CallOfDutyFanBoy report', that's a real Rainbow feedback.

About map design, new objectives, competitivity tools, I got ideas too, feel free to ask.

Again, good job and smart thought.

see you

10-22-2015, 02:51 PM
Wow! Fantastic. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this post. :)