View Full Version : [PS4] LF Clan or Team

10-12-2015, 10:13 PM
Hey' I'm looking for a PS4 Clan ! I'm 24 from Canada, NA EST Timezone (-
5GMT) and usually play at night! Looking to get a good clan or team with synergy and communication skills to hopefully compete in Gamebattles and stuff

My first ever FPS was Rainbkw Six 3 on PC back in the day when I was young, and is probably my favourite FPS I've ever played. played lots of CoD, but none in the past like 4 years, BF3/BF4, and currently play Destiny. lead a clan and always the raid leader when we do PvE activities so I am very comfortable leading and communicating. I have always been one of the better skilled gunman in my circles in FPS but I think my tactical strategist mind and communication skills will be what will make me a good Siege player.

My PSN is Kush_the_Ninja