View Full Version : Last thoughts and suggestions

10-11-2015, 10:56 PM

1) Obviously matchmaking no surprise, must be fixed or the release will fail initially
2) It seemed that whenever someone left the game early it automatically meant none got any XP for the round
3) Changing server's mid-game usually ended in a crash
4) Shorten time between rounds
5) Make the buy menu for characters and weapons available during the between matches. Preferably uninterrupted menus. This way you don't constantly get kicked out of menus.


1) I absolutely love the damage models for all the guns. I love the one shot head shot. Makes matches 1 v 5 possible. You cannot say that for bullet sponge games like Halo.
2) I love the breach and clear options for every class. However I do feel Pulse is lacking as far as equipment goes. So instead of a heartbeat monitor, let me have the options for a grenade or something useful.
3) I love the direction this game is going. I ask that very little changes except for the mentioned CONS.
4) I would love to see more guns, more maps, more characters and more camo's. I also favor close quarter combat gameplay. But an occasional lengthy map might prove very fun. Sort of like a speed paintball field or a woods map.