View Full Version : Tribal Diplomacy

10-11-2015, 10:47 PM
I have a good idea for a feature to add to FC Primal, if it's not already there. Instead of just killing every other tribe you see, add tribal diplomacy. The ability to communicate with tribes, trade with them (since there was no curency bak then, trade is very important. Some tribes may have lots of farming technologies, to trade food, while another has good fishing technologies, etc) form alliances, bribg youre allies to war etc.. Give each tribe a rating of friendliness. There may be some tribes that are savage and just attack you, and others that are a bit more civilized. And when you attack other tribes, give the ability to make them you're "satrapy" (work for you, pay you with supllies, go to war with you) set the village on fire, loot everything, kill everyone, or enslave people to build, farm, and work for you're tribe. This idea is inspired from the game "total war Rome 2". FC primal should have many unique and cool feature like this. Of course, the game is very unique (no other stone age gAmes exist) but if they just give you a spear and you kill people and mammoths, it will become like any other game (in fact, even worse as there is less stuff to do), and people will not buy it after they hear it is boring from the Internet and review sites. But, if they add coll and unique features such as this, the game will be amazing and everyone will buy it, because it will be a real, living world, and you will not get bored with all these features. If it doesn't have many of these features, the game will be very boring... Just hunting animals, gathering plants, killing people, capturing outposts and towers (repetitive and boring). I have many more great, practical ideas like this, if unis oft would like to hear.