View Full Version : Xbox one pro team

10-11-2015, 10:44 PM
I am looking for players who takes this game seriously.Requirements : fluent English , 2 hours playing RB 6 Siege everyday , skill (you are nearly always the best player in game ), minimum level 25 or minimal games you have played 40. 18+ years old, Great knowledge of every advantage and disadvantage in the game , you have pre-ordered the game , you will buy season pass , you will read Art of Siege tactical guide , you have unlocked all of the operators in the beta , you have chose your favorite operator in defense and in offense , you are willing to participate in international tournaments . you are willing to be under my leadership ( only if I'll be the best leader in team of course). If you are interested , and you think you could be in my team , then contact me on Xbox live - my gamertag - AssassinRevan99 . I will check your stats and I will let you know if you will be in my team