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10-11-2015, 03:27 PM

Inscriptions instructions:

It's a 32 players tournament
The inscriptions will be on battlefy (http://battlefy.com/momcards/tournoi-doc-du-18-octobre-2015/561a6533a2476a4800958819/info).
Once the 32 places filled, we will create a waiting line, in order to replace any player bailing out. The order of priority will be the same that the order of registering.

Tournament development

The first round's pairings will take place between 1.30pm CEST and 2pm CEST Sunday 18th October 2015.
Tournament will start at 2pm CEST.
Each player will have to add “TournoiMoMCards” to their in-game friendlist before the start of the first match.
The tournament will be a double-elimination tournament in BO3.
You will send the results of each Bo3 in game to “TournoiMoMCards” at the end of each Bo3, in order to enter the results on Battlefy.
If you are the winner of the round, you will also send us a mail at this e-mail address:*tournoiMoMCards@gmail.com with the following informations:
Score, replays of the 2 or 3 matches with the following nomenclature: WBorLB/R1/R2/R3/R4/R5/SEMIFINALE/3RDPLACEPLAYOFF/FINALEPLAYER1VSPLAYER2GAME1/2/3

Ropette beats Tongkill 2-1 on the second round of the winner bracket. He sends the following mail:
Ropette 2 – 1 Tongkill

And in the mail as an attachment, he includes the replays renamed as following:

Every match will be played via the Practice mode, then Practice Duel. You will challenge your opponent designated by battlefy here (http://battlefy.com/momcards/tournoi-doc-du-18-octobre-2015/561a6533a2476a4800958819/info).

Matches will take place in Standard mode and in Bo3, which means the first player who wins 2 games wins the round.


Every match will be in Standard mode.
Matches will be in Best of 3, except finale which will play in BO5. The winner of the winner bracket begin the Bo5 leading 1-0.
You must ban 2 cards for every match of the Bo3.The ban order will be told by your order in battlefy. The first player will ban 1 card, then the second player will ban 2 cards, then the first player will ban 1 card.

If a player launch a game with a card banned in this Bo3, he will be declared loser of this match of the Bo3.

In case of bug or disconnection, there are 2 solutions:
1)Both player agree to rematch with the same heroes,
2)The victim of the crash is declared loser of the game.
If you got no news from your opponent after five minutes, tell TournoiMoMCards. After 10 minutes if your opponent is still missing, you will be declared winner of the Bo3. This rule will be valid during every round of the tournament.

In case of dispute, send a message to TournoiMoMCards. We will do our best to resolve and answer any problem.


1st place: 1250 seals + 1 alternative artwork
2nd : 750 seals + 1 alternative artwork
3rd : 600 seals + 1 alternative artwork
4th: 300 seals
5th to 8th : 100 seals

Door prizes: 2 packs to win at the end of round 3 and at the end of round 5


During the stream, a Time of Renewal box will be given away.
From 1.30pm CEST to 2pm CEST: the organization and the rules of the tournament will be reminded to everyone.
Starting at 2pm CEST: Players will have access to the challonge link on both streams. You will be able to find the name of your opponent then start your Bo3.
Until 3pm CEST: We will answer any questions, and will present the duels.
Once we get the first replays, we will start to shoutcast matches. We will always have 1 round of latency from the players.
French&English casting: on www.twitch.tv/momcards
Referee: TournoiMoMCards in game.

Inscription here (http://battlefy.com/momcards/tournoi-doc-du-20-septembre-2015/55f098a1e2e5954500d27cae/info)

Alternative Artwork: Angel protector, Enthrall, Hellfire maniac


10-16-2015, 08:12 AM
Warning ! The Tournament might be cancelled, because of the 14th of October's update.

A huge amount of bugs appeared!

If those bugs are not fixed until the 18th of October, the Tournament will be simply cancelled !

10-16-2015, 02:40 PM
Shoutouts to your organisation for trying to keep the people interested in DoC. May be you guys should try to make a connection with BB yourself and kindly ask them to fix the bugs.

Wish all the best to you guys and your incentive!

10-17-2015, 12:54 PM
sorry tournament cancelled

10-17-2015, 10:23 PM

11-20-2015, 10:08 AM
any change after the patch?

11-27-2015, 08:17 AM
Oh, well. Would have been nice.