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10-11-2015, 07:50 AM
1. Masfar, mission 2-passageway through the rock to the land of Lyla without using the button (grave) to open the way (shift the rock), mission canīt be finished after defeating Lyla and capturing her city
2. Hisham, mission 3-animation with Adar-Malik in the ruins and animation with Ajit and princess-succubus are sometimes overlaped (necromancer in animation with ajit and princess)
3. When Hisham is in position of visitor of his city and the Obsessed golem reach the city, nothing happen. Golem does not attack and cannot be attacked, just stay in the gate of the city and doesnīt move (he does not attack even empty city) and I canīt attack him-have to attack him earlier
4. Mini map update belatedly according to situation on the adventure map - flags representing heroes stay on minimap on that place where theyīve been defeated.
5. Fahada, mission 4-one times she teleported from her city to academy elite units dwelling on territory of the orcs, it is an isolated bug
6. After defeating enemy hero, I see a treasure of his artifacts. The list may be moved down by mouse wheel but not back up. That cause that icons of artifacts are not visible ful, just lower parts. I suggest the wheel to move the list in left-right direction and not up-down (with only move down possible)
7. After hiring units at the begging of the new week the hero cannot cast spells on the adventure map - it says me "You are in the city." I have to switch on town screen and back to let the hero cast the adventure spell.
8. Clairvoyance of Ylath sometimes doesnīt work and sometimes it is redirected so it is cast in the surrounding space (next to place I clicked on)
9. Tsunami spell does not move small units back on the battlefield (even one square back, they stay on their current place)
10. The right mouse button doesnīt remove icons on the right side (info about learned spell or actualizations of quests) as refered in the clue
11. Fahada, mission 4 - she gain move points after defeating neutral enemy units, I donīt know if this is a bug or some skill ability
12. Fahada, mission 4 - In the battle with Luna, Luna used a spell of elemental summon twice. On the first time a group of Fire elemental occured. On the second no group of elemental occured - it had no effect. Only rainbow color circle and nothing was summoned.
13. A few times in academy campaign I spotted enemy heroes of necropolis who "ran on the place where they stood" (like on the runnig belt). They was on one place and moved as the would run.
14. Fahada, mission 4 - after conquering haven and necropolis towns I spotted a celestial watch tower in the guard of all towns not only in haven town. Celestial guard just appeared also in the guard of necro and academy town like the watch tower would be built always in this towns although it could be built only in haven towns.
15. In Heroes VI Moander was a might hero and Zakera was a magic hero. In Heroes VII Moander is a magic hero and Zakera is a might hero. I suggest to switch Moander to might and Zakera to magic in Heroes VII according to their classes in Heroes VI.

10-11-2015, 02:10 PM
Good Job