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10-11-2015, 02:52 AM
PS4 Version
I had a lot of fun with the game, but here are some things I think could be improved upon or tweaked:

Bombers - Their health seemed inconsistent. Sometimes a full clip to the head wouldn't kill them. Also, for some reason they seem to have a psychic ability to always know where you are. I liked the added variety of having the bombers, but it'd be a better if they were affected more realistically by bullets and had an AI that had to see or hear you before attacking.

Matchmaking - I'm sure this has been mentioned a lot, but it was really hard to even find a match for PVP. Even when I could connect, it took far too long. I spent more time in the matchmaking and loading screens than I did in the game.

Host Migration in Terrohunt - If the host would leave in a terrohunt match, it ended the match for everyone. Often the host would die and wouldn't want to stick around for the rest of the game which was causing problems. It'd be nice if it worked like it does in PVP where the game migrates to a new host.

Pre-Game time limit - The amount of time available for selecting operators should be reduced. There's too much time sitting in the lobby waiting for players that aren't readying up.

Camera drone - It takes too long to switch out of the camera drone's view back to the regular view.

Again, great job on the game and I'm looking forward to playing more in the final version.