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10-11-2015, 12:46 AM
I liked the game and am definitely going to buy it. So I skipped what I like and just wrote down what I think could be improved.

Logitech Racing Wheel G27: When the Logitech Racing Wheel G27 is connected, the lowermost option is selected. Like a mouse wheel that scrolls down always. When pressing the throttle the uppermost option is selected.
AI: I once saw a Bot facing a reinforced wall and waiting to shoot. But it was completely impossible for it to see a player.

Chat History: When pressing 'T' the last 5 chat lines could be displayed. I often missed some messages and tried to display them again but I couldn't find a way.
Show results of vote: Once a vote for the spawn locaiton is given, there is no information wich locaiton has the most votes. It would be useful to see the results in the waiting screen.
Display Map when selecting Operator: Another useful information would be wich map is next when selecting an operator. Now the map is only displayed on a loading screen.
Kicking AFK players: An option to report a player as AFK would be useful. This player then has 10 seconds to move the mouse. If he doesen't move his mouse during this time he will be kicked. Because it's very annoying to wait for AFK players when selecting an operator or play with one player missing.
Squad menu looks like overlay: The menu to invite friends to a squad looks like an overlay. I often tried to close it by pressing Shift+F2 but then the Uplay overlay opened up. Maybe this could be avoided with a different design.
WASD in menus: W, A, S, D, Return and Space should work in all menus for navigation.
Shift+Tab: There are some tab menus where the tab can be changed by pressing Tab. Shift+Tab should return to the previous tab.