View Full Version : Feedback on Closed Beta

10-10-2015, 07:21 PM
I want to start off by saying that I really have enjoyed the beta on the Xbox one and several fun matches online with people.

I could not see any way to see weapon stats for the operators before purchasing them. That would play into my decision weather I choose them or not so it is a feature that I believe should be added to the final version.

I believe that as an observer if you are able to continue talking to people alive on your team then that is fine but you should be affected as they are. If they get flashed then your screen should be too, you should not be able to tell them where to fire.

At the beginning of every match when you select operators it would be helpful to have a recently used list so you weren't having to scroll through all of them to get the one you wanted if you are just continuing to use the same one.

I believe that bonus awards/punishments should be added to each player's score at the end of the match (most kills, highest accuracy, least damage taken, or an added punishment for damaging team members the most).

I think that the ability to shoot through walls and floors is amazing but when a thin metal shade can completely block bullets I find that a bit strange. otherwise I think the destructibility is a great change!

Falling from height should have more of an impact on movement or health, right now falling off the first story room does little to no damage.

Host transferring or even better using servers rather than having a player in the group host which leads to connection issues or reverting back to the main menu.

When repelling it shows your legs moving as if you are walking on the ground.
All kills are given to the first place person on the in game scoreboard but not at the end of the match.
Terrorist hunt will occasionally switch difficulties between games.