View Full Version : MQEL : Game keeps freezing up against Players but not during AI-Castles.

10-10-2015, 01:18 PM
As the subject states, I can go into the Non-player castles without any issue what so ever, but as soon as I attack another Player the game freezes up after a few seconds in, have resulted in a loss of nearly 70 Crownes (might not be alot but I was at 280+ something and as Im new here for me that was quite abit), played it for about 5-7 hours yesterday without any problems at all, but as of today, I can't attack other players without giving them a free Defend.
The game freezes up but the sound just slows down, so I can still hear a heartbeat and a few spells/attacks beeing made in slowmotion, waited 5 minutes the longest before I closed the game, when I got back in I had lost my crowns. Increadibly annoying as I find the game fun, but I can't play anymore if this issue isn't sorted. Saw on the old forums that people had the same issue about a year ago without any answer to it.
The game looks like the picture I linked and the UI flashes on and off.

Image (https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/63560063b30bef4a573db6894ea5085c0043c05d9b16a81a54 d56f42aa09a45500e3855e.jpg)

Edit : So it apparently dosen't even work in AI-Castles either, my third AI castle crashed the game. Tho it crashes on 1 Player-Castle.

Second Edit : (I run the game through steam) After I used the diagnostics tool, I could choose to remove the latest patch or what ever it said, I did so and had to update the game once again - When I came into the game I had to change all settings etc but as of 4 castles later, Im not crashing anymore, hope it's permanent and could help others :)