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10-10-2015, 07:25 AM
Just got the game, basic things I'd like to see improved:

1. would like the image and UI colours to be a bit brighter, sharper. Im using 1920 x 1080 16:9, the units and buildings are not very clear. The UI doesnt seem to scale with the resolution and remains very large. Its out of proportion compared to the units and other objects on the map. would really like to see that UI be smaller and the units and objects slightly bigger on the resolution. it maybe something to do with the camera angle and zoom adjustments. if i zoom in too much it tilts the angle and doesnt feel good. top down is better. I just cant find one that feels good like heroes 6. overall feels like the re designed and remade interface is worse than the predecessor.

the unit centaur is particularly skinny and small. from that angle its almost like it has 3 legs. Please adjust.

2. better typsetting, you want the font style and size to fit in with the game. times new roman is very bad for that purpose. and some notifications are really unnecessary and looks bad. like - "defend" in combat. please get rid of lines like and just have the animation. have the explanation have the a tool tip or description pop up in the skill name etc...

3. writing style. "accept these units for free", "these units would like to join for free" is a bad line. why cant we reuse the old lines which are alot better sounding and fit in with the world? "for free" feels particularly unnecessary and disrupts the feel of the game, too cliche in today's world? unit name and design seems a bit uninspired.

4. would like to see smarter AI.

These things would make the game feel a whole lot better for me. Its all those small things that erodes the games feel. Please consider improving.

10-10-2015, 10:49 AM
I've tried adusting monitor contrast and brightness and just cant seem to get a picture i am comfortable with.

can anyone tell me if they have played around with the video settings? I cant see any difference when I adjusted them. all except post processing which seem to do a bit.

01-01-2016, 03:38 PM
Hi outbreakcompany,

I agree with the list of improvements that you have mentioned. I have included a couple more below.

1. Brightness and/or Gamma slider - Even with path 1.6, it is still too bright.
2. Include actual 3D animations of creates (units) - This is where the art work of the creates (units) displays. I like how the previous versions of Heroes games give us a really nice 3D preview of the creatures - I'm not sure why this nice feature was omitted in Heroes 7. Artwork is fine but an actual 4D preview of each creature would be a lot better.
3. Zooming on the map and during battle - Heroes 6 has a very nice up close zooming option which allows us to zoom in get a quick look of a creature, building or anything else on the map and battle. I like the graphics in Heroes 7. They are a lot better than the graphics in previous versions.

I'm not sure about the 3D animations/preview of creatures instead of the art work but I think that Brightness adjustment and Zooming should be an easy change in the code.

Hopefully the developer will take a look at this post and include some of our suggestions in the next patch release.