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10-10-2015, 12:41 AM
there seem to be many experienced, competitve gamers posting here - well, that's not what i am at all.
i've never played any other rainbow six game before, and i'm not really experienced in playing a tactical game with a team either.
i'm gonna be playing on ps4, i've been playing A LOT of the multiplayer of the last of us, which is a team based 3rd-person-shooter. since i've played nearly 400hours with randoms (and got pretty good though :3), i am really really sure that i wanna be playing siege with a well-organized, competent team.
i've played the beta on pc and i'm already in love with this game.
regarding the fact that i've never played with a team before and that i'm also a little nervous (pls don't laugh at me x.x), you probably need to have some patience with me, but i am ambitious and i can learn fast. i'm quite sure that i could enrich a team, if i just had some practise.
i've got a mic, and i'm very flexible timewise. i'm german, but my english is quite good, that should be no problem. i'm 21 - if that's important.
i'd like to play several times a week.

oh and ... if someone wants to play factions before the release - just contact me.

my psn name is also "schnurpeldurpel".

thanks for reading and greets.

10-10-2015, 02:16 PM
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