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10-08-2015, 04:08 PM
Today we unveil two new online features for Anno 2205: The Council and the World Market. With these features Anno players around the globe can actively influence the world of Anno 2205 together and create a dynamic community experience. If you prefer to remain offline while playing Anno 2205, however, know that both the Council and the World Market are optional gameplay elements aimed at players who enjoy community features.

You will find both features on the Global Union Space Station which is located on the Strategy Map.

The Council is in session whenever the Big Five – the largest and most influential corporations in the world of Anno 2205 - meet to discuss business. Through a mysterious partner, you can get access to their meetings and have the opportunity to gain an advantage for your own corporation! Each of the Big Five companies represents a certain sector of the market, such as energy or chemical industries for example.


There is a limited voting period for every council session, during which you can support the company that gives you a strategy edge by casting your vote for it. You can reap a variety of rewards after the voting period has come to an end.

For instance, you can benefit from lower construction costs for buildings that are part of the industry branch represented by the corporation of your choice. How much the costs will decrease depends on the relative amount of votes each Big Five member has received. There will also be reduced world market trade prices for goods of each branch of industry, again depending on their relative votes. You may even gain especially branded modules used to upgrade your facilities if your chosen corporation receives enough support. These exclusive modules provide more powerful productivity and efficiency boost than the ones you would construct through regular means.

Another party present at the Council meetings is the Mysterious Woman, who grants you access to the exclusive Big Five meetings in the first place. Her reasons for this as well as her overall goals in the grand scheme of things remain unknown. At the start of each election, she will offer a bribe and persuade you to cast your vote for the Big Five corporation of her choosing. Should you comply, you’ll be immediately rewarded. The bribe rewards will increase with your corporation level and amount of votes in the past.


It’s your choice: Will you accept bribes for a quick profit? Or do you stick with the corporation that gives you long-term economic benefits?

World Market
You can create a transfer routes between the space station and your sectors in order to sell your overproduction on the world market or to purchase goods at the current market value. The actual value of goods is influenced by all Anno 2205 players who trade on the world market. Because of this, you can use the ever changing dynamics of the world market to make a profit!


Use the goods filter on the Strategy Map to identify goods with a higher selling price than their production price and sell them. Be warned that flooding the market with one good will cause the price to drop, while buying large quantities makes it more scarce and thus more expensive. Never forget that other players will also influence the market through their trading! Always keep an eye on economic trends to ensure profitability.

If you find yourself low on a certain good, you can supply your sectors by buying on the world market. Again, be sure to adapt to changes to the world economy and ensure that you can afford to purchase from the market.

Also note that you can only set up a limited number of transfer routes between your sectors and the space station. With a higher corporation level you will gain access to larger and more cost-efficient transporters and you can increase the maximum number of space station routes.