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10-08-2015, 08:55 AM
Expand Rainbow Six to include Iranian operatives and Kurdish operatives.
Make Rainbow Six truly international, a U.N. type of force, rather than Anglo-American/NATO centered.
Have a single-player campaign about fighting Islamic State in urban settings in Syrian and Iraqi towns.
Realistic rendering of Syrian and Iraqi towns from satellite images
Make an open world like Ghost Recon Wildlands, with the Rainbow Team calling in reinforcement/replacements and supplies by helicopter or UAV
Have a list of gun manufacturers and their products, and let the player order guns from accumulated in-game points
Bring back some of the original Rainbow Six operatives. Not all of them, but some of them. Maybe have some of their sons/daughters be operatives.

Singleplayer with AI teammates, must-have
Floor plans and planning, must-have
Co-op Terrorist Hunt mode, must-have
Map editor for easy map creation, for Terrorist Hunt, must-have

Have the AI terrorists be on the defensive each at their post (how it was in Raven Shield), rather than moving from their place toward the sound of gunfire (how it is in Vegas). When the terrorists are defensive and scattered throughout the map, the entire map becomes the battleground and every feature of the map becomes a place to practice combat.

10-08-2015, 10:33 AM
If they do all of these changes, then it won't be a R6 game.

10-09-2015, 12:54 AM
True, if *all* those changes were implemented, because open-world is not exactly Rainbow Six tradition. But you could have each building to have a floor plan available, and have dynamic hostage situations: i.e. depending on what you do on campaign, the enemy may take different hostages at different places (the way Islamic State changes their action depending on what the countries do, they executed hostages of different nationality depending on which country was attacking them and what was available for kidnapping. Also when Russia attacked - and Russia considers herself successor of Rome - they blew up a Roman triumphal arch in Palmyra)

So if the floor plan of each building was available in-game, then the player can hold their own spontaneous planning session for any building to be stormed, exactly how the real life SWAT people do it.
This is for an ARMA-like mini-world, with hundreds or even thousands of buildings.


The AI teammates of Raven Shield (at least as developed as the black teammate in Vegas, he had personality)
The Co-Op terrorist hunt of Raven Shield (clearing the whole map, not firing at waves of tangos converging on one spot)
The combat system of Raven Shield (peeking, fluid door-opening) plus the iron sights of Vegas.
The planning phase and floor plans of Raven Shield (but available for many buildings)
The many mini-missions distributed-all-over of Ghost Recon Wildlands
The wide world of ARMA 3 (preferrably a piece of Syria and Iraq, in a battle against Islamic State)
The multiplayer experience of having designed Siege
The current-day relevance of fighting Islamic State (racial nationalist are not an issue, and protesters against banks? they are most harmless)

additional request:
Add the Iranians and Kurds as operatives, against Islamic State

(also, to Gamer4Life: originally I wanted to capitalize something to make my thread stand out. So I chose to capitalize "rainbow six". This doesn't mean the current game (Siege) isn't "rainbow six" enough.)

Also, in WWII they distributed a newsreel called "Why We Fight", explaining why it was necessary to stand against Nazi horrors and Imperial Japan's atrocities. We knew that WWII was just and worth fighting. But we don't know why we are fighting the White Masks. Is it because they are racial nationalists? That's really a part of freedom of speech, even though it's a moral fault. Is it because they endanger some population somewhere? We don't know because there is no singleplayer campaign to explain to us why we fight. A singleplayer campaign is really crucial in presenting the issues at hand in the world and why we should dedicate our time and effort in intervening. To merely fire guns -with no explained cause- is like modern barbarians bashing people on the head for no reason, reveling merely for violence's sake. Please do make a single-player campaign for the next Rainbow Six against the current-day terrorists of ISIS (and stop fighting a civil war against America's own people! first the bank protesters and now racial nationalists?).

I furthermore have my own opinions about Rainbow Six Siege, in its current (almost complete) format. But I will withhold from expressing them, because others already have.

10-10-2015, 03:33 PM
Your opinion, I respect it. But I don't really care that there is no singleplayer campaign even though I'm not a multiplayer kind of guy either.

10-09-2016, 01:23 AM
These seem like fun ideas but like Gamer4Life said, it wouldn't be a Rainbow Six game. Could be used to develop a game with a different title though.