View Full Version : Overall impressions after finished Haven Missions

10-06-2015, 01:00 PM
Major Issue:

Played haven mission from 1-3 with no problems (No crash, very minor bugs). Everything was smooth until mission 4. The early game was fine until one part where I build any building in Hammerfort it hangs and crash. When I load back the auto save it crash again. I had to load back 3-4 previous auto saves in order to get into the game. After the crash, small portion infront of Orc's town was bugged. Any of my heroes went on it became lag (jerk every steps) and my movement points doesn't minus until my heroes leave the area.

Minor Issue:

The volume was so soft on the outside (start of the game, the individual fraction heroes talking) compare to in game.
Marksmen able to use thru shot on creature affected by Fog Shroud
Graphics looks bad!

There are still some problems which I had forgotten to include in. Would edit the post once I remembered.
I'm pretty contented with the gameplay and such but after the multiple continuous crashes, I'm disappointed. Hope they would fix this asap