View Full Version : Worse than an Indie title @.@

10-04-2015, 08:58 AM
So I took the liberty of buying the game and getting right into it with my usual excitement of wanting to play one of my favorite series.

Fast-Forward several hours of disgust. I took lots of screenshots along the way.

Uploaded a few to social media, asking friends that aren't into the series really just to see what they think of how the game looks.

The most common question I ended up being asked was "What indie developer made that?" usually with the thought of "It looks like a bad Heroes clone."

Then I decided to take a look at it side by side with Heroes 3.... Heores 3 looked better =/ Even with just 2D there was more attention to detail, the world felt full and colorful compared to 7 the world map looked incredibly empty, bland, just a big wash of different shades of a tiny palate.

Combat felt really really..... boring. A lot of the poor sound quality detracted from it. Spells lacked visual impact.

I found a lot of the UI's didn't communicate anything useful at all without constantly hovering over each and every button.

Runs very clunky.

Game breaking bugs were the last straw.


In any case, not worth the coin since plays worse and has less polish than a game made 15 years ago.

As for being worse than an indie title, I speak this in truth, there are reviews online currently that suggest Indie titles to try instead :3

10-04-2015, 09:39 AM
I loved the graphics in HoMM3, it just looked crisp & vibrant. 7s graphics are fine with me but I know what u mean by washed out, they didn't even provide a gamma slider in game, I had to adjust my monitor to suit. Just another shortfall of the game. I blame Limbic for that one.