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10-04-2015, 08:44 AM
General gameplay feedback:

- Health bars are hidden only found because checked keybindings. When turned on, holy god they are huge. Need to be about 30% of current size.
- Inaccurate kill predictions.
- Trogs look amazing. However dig animation is average.
- After purchasing a building, when you return to the townscreen the new building should have a fade in effect to better appreciate what you've added.
- The attack tip box is too large and when you’re trying to see the opposition creatures movement radius the attack tip box often blocks this visibility
- Faction ballistae look fantastic and so is the animation
- Striders movement animation is really funky, not in a good way. Also their attack doesn’t feel as though it connects with the opponent.
- The quick battles are ridiculous, there are battles that show I would lose lots of units, but when I take manual control I don’t even come close to losing one. How is there such a big discrepancy?
- Levelling speed is good
- Creature recruitment screen really lacks 3d models. This is how it was back in HOMMV, how is it not to that kind of standard at the end of 2015?
- Dryad’s attack animation is off. Doesn’t really feel as though contact is being made
- Some of the coolcam angles are absolutely terrible and you can’t see anything at times.
- Hero specialties are just terrible. There are only 2-3 good ones per faction and it needs to change. Especially when you consider how the specialty and the skills are paired up. A magic hero with a might based specialisation when there are no good magic hero specialisations to choose from is just mind boggling. Is really disappointing how few heroes I want to play as per faction.
- Hero movement could be hampered a little less by rough terrain.
- The moon doe sounds like a bull
- During the deployment phase, having a dirty great big banner directly over the battlefield is really impracticable. You have to move the screen side to side to see if there are any obstacles on the combat map
- AI on the map and in battles is still poor. E.g. Opposition teams leaving trivial sometimes completely defenseless heroes well within striking distance to be killed. Or, Air Elementals fly across the entire length of the combat map putting themselves in a position to be attacked from all sides when it should be moving up only a few tiles due to it's ability to use strike and return.
- The team colours implemented for necro ghosts and lamasu looks tacky.


- When you attack a creature with a ranged unit and they trigger good morale, you have to remove your cursor from hovering above the previously selected creature to be able to select it to be attacked again.
- Instand reinforcements will display "can't find town portal" if you try and use it underground and your town with the portal is above ground.
- When taking control of a town from an opponent AI, the area of control don’t update to my colour that turn.
- Creatures in battle sometimes can only move backward, can be fixed by using a hero attack or spell
- When a hero levels the text in the displayed box does not display correctly and gets hidden behind other objects in the box.
- In siege battles certain tiles that are now accessible because the wall has been destroyed are available to move creatures into but not attack from
- Dreamwalkers and Namturu's you can attack with, then wait, and then attack with again during the same combat round.
- Occasionally if a creature uses strike and return when attacking the length of the combat map, it leaves a yellow highlighted tile. When using your next unit, you can attack from that yellow tile even if they wouldn't normally have the movement radius to get there.
- Creatures that have a special combat ability, I.e Enraged Cyclops with fiery eye, or Harpy's with strike and return, aren't able to use this ability when good morale is triggered and they get a second turn in that combat round. Not sure if this is by design or not, but it's a key element of that creature and IMO if this is a design choice I think that it's a poor one.

10-06-2015, 12:01 PM
- Map editor – I’d like the ability to create new heroes for use in skirmish maps. I'd like to see more options when creating heroes specifically with their specialisations. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1208326-Hero-Specialisation?p=10905771#post10905771
- Master of Air II, lightning bolt when cast is now supposed to hit adjacent units for air magic damage but doesn't
- Playing as orcs I wanted to take advantage of my 140 gnoll hunters and their opportunity shot ability. Currently selected unit was a stack of 7 mages, but I could only range attack with them. I would like a short cut key to force my range unit to do a melee attack thus allowing the opportunity attack from my gnolls. This could also be useful when you want a junk unit to take the retaliation.
- The heropedia is a really nice touch and looks great
- Presentation for the game is great. Little things like the town level on the building screen using the stain glass theme looks fantastic.

- Upgraded gnolls opportunity shot doesn’t always work. Only noticed the fault after unlocking full range ability under the offense skill. It never works for Gold Dragons? Unsure if it's supposed to but the attacked unit will no longer retaliate so it makes sense that it should.
- Large creatures being automatically positioned on the second and third row of the combat map when the third row is not unlocked.
- In town screen, when unit recruitment screen and the creature display boxes were displayed too far to the right of the screen so that some creature boxes are off screen.
- Occasionally when targeting enemy creatures, random tiles will be lit up yellow on the combat map. One of many examples was using the enraged cyclops fiery eye ability, the tiles on the combat map lit up like the cyclops was going to do a melee attack.
- Gnoll ranged attack animation showed 2 throwing knives spinning near the targeted creature. One of the spinning knives animation was in mid air one tile before the target.
- When starting a turn, your heroes pre planned movement points are displayed as grey instead of green
- My enraged cyclops didn’t turn around to fire it’s fiery eye so it looked like it was shooting it from it’s ear. This is also a problem because of the flanking system as the creature is not facing the anticipated direction.

10-08-2015, 08:15 AM

- Ghosts and Banshees portraits are near identical. They should be distinguished more.
- Team colours look fantastic, especially in the spiders. Anything that has the team colour implemented in the hair or hood looks poor however.
- Random heroes that aren't from any team can be seen occasionally around the world map. Sometimes floating in mid air
- When using a creature ability or war machine, the heroes attack and spell book buttons are lit up as if an attack is available even if the heroes has used it’s turn that round already. This can be deceiving.
- All of the skirmish maps are huge. It takes forever to get into combat with an opposing hero and find their town. It’s good to have some of these maps, but I don’t want to take a week with every skirmish map I play.
- Playing as Necro, moving around the map and raising the souls of the dead into an army on mass is so freakin good. Very fun.
- When selecting a hero, you can see what skills they can master in, but not what they can grandmaster in. This should be changed for greater awareness.
- When you upgrade creatures in an external creature dwelling, the upgraded creature portraits have to be clicked on to make them purchasable. It should automatically happen after the upgrade is purchased.
- There are some sounds that trigger in the world map, one’s a little bell, and the other I think are wings when I was playing as haven. They happened on the world map and in battle and they kept playing over and over and over and it drove me insane. Please make them less loud and frequent cause they were infuriating.
- I really like that when you are looking at moving a creature, you get a visual indication for the degree of damage enemy shooters will do.
- When you can’t upgrade creatures due to insufficient resources, it doesn’t tell you what the required resources are. Obviously this would be nice if it was rectified.
- At times, the AI is incredibly poor. E.g. A stack of ranged units will defend when there is no reason they couldn’t use a ranged attack, or a ranged unit won’t attack an adjacent enemy melee unit when it could do so without retaliation. A melee unit in a map corner will walk to the opposite corner instead of closing ground.

- After unlocking the ability to have my attack warfare unit shoot 3 times at the same target, my namtaru would finish shooting and then end it’s turn not allowing me to use it’s support ability.
- I used the Namturu to attack a stack of hunter with a druid stack adjacent to them to take advantage of it’s collateral damage. The Namturu attacked and on the second shot it killed off the stack of druids, however the hunters remained, it didn’t shoot a third shot. I restarted the combat to try again and the same fault occurred.
- When looking at Ella’s skills, the economy skill displays text %icon_gold
- The visual indicators for enemy ranged unit damage don’t always display as you look to move your friendly creature.
- Playing as haven, I would use all of one of my heroes movement points, then I’d use my other hero. Once I was out of movement points the first hero that I used would have a few extra movement points. This happened continually. This also happened when all movement points were expelled, and then I built a building. A hero would have extra movement points once I came out of the town screen.
- Mass heal showed that no healing or resurrecting would occur but it resurrected units when cast.
- Quick combat is all over the shop. A moderate threat with 50 – 99 skeletons, 50-99 ghosts, plus decent size stack of spiders and some vampires resulted in zero losses, then next quick combat one stack of 70 something banshees resulted in me losing bulk unites. Very inconsistent.
- The mini map displays heros that are no longer there after they have been defeated.

10-10-2015, 12:02 PM
- Why have Gloria from academy??? She has +6 magic when casting fire spells but can only get to expert level? Seriously?
- I cannot say it enough, heroes and their specialisations are a mess. Minasli is another terrific example. She has +6 magic when casting water spells, but cannot reach the level of grandmaster!!!! Seriously? I already mentioned Gloria. What has been done to these heroes specialtisations I find beyond mind boggling. A specialist specialises in something, what you are creating are heroes with hobbies. This is such an important part of the game so please please please make them better or give us the ability to create better hero + specialisation combos to be added to the game for general gameplay.
- Like in MMH6, it would be nice if there was a warning when you were about to end your turn and heroes still had movement points available. Is the kind of game where I personally can half do things whilst doing others which leads me to only half paying attention some turns.
- I’m a big fan of world magic skills becoming available. It provides a lot more individuality between magic schools and strategies and gameplay differences. HOWEVER…. It’s limited for the time being, like it’s a trial. I believe there’s absolutely room to implement an expert level world magic skill for each magic tree and that this can be expanded on in general. Kudos for implementing it.