View Full Version : Map generator - more of an oversight than a bug but needs attention: Second edition

10-03-2015, 12:59 AM
I wrote about this earlier but it deserves a second mention: the current RMG places Champion Creatures to guard Ore and Lumber on Day1. This is completely incapacitating and should be revised. Strong guards should guard high-end items and special structures, not Week1 necessary resources.

Also, even after selecting maximum richness in the RMG, I didn't see a single unguarded resource, such as a gold pile, campfire, or a piece of ore. How are we supposed to build up at higher difficulties? You may be tired of hearing "Heroes III" but please, look at the RMG documentation and copy/paste the creature placement algorithm and the resource/items/special structures placement algorithms from the Heroes III RMG (later editions). It won't cost you too much money!