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10-03-2015, 12:21 AM
First off, fantastic mood and style on the game. It is spot on in carrying the best of the earlier episodes in the series.

But, there's a few problems. (Running on win 7)

1: Start of Academy campaign. I joined the two ladies' armies to Fahada. In subsequent battles, only one of the trrops actually showed up in the fights, which made them rather hard.
(I just checked with a friend, he didn't have this problem, so it doesn't happen all the time, at least.).

Update: I realized that using auto-deploy, the troops would show up and be deployed, despite being invisible and unselectable until then. This is a good workaround for the problem.

2: CTD (not a common problem, but it's happened).

3: Updating on the result of actions, in particular with resource buying/selling - is delayed in updating when it's listed in more than one place in screens, sometimes not until after closing screens.

While it's adding artwork, it would be very nice if heroes that were obviously unique/non-standard, like Khalida, had unique figures. (Even if reusing / modifying a Djinn figure).

A small note: I was sent an email asked to provide feedback, and this was the link for the location.

10-05-2015, 02:37 PM
Hello Falaris, thanks for your feedback, I'm sure the MMH7 team will appreciate this. I've moved this post to the MMH7 forums. Thanks!