View Full Version : How do I get Edward's outfit in Syndicate if I'm not in the US???

10-02-2015, 02:57 PM
So the Join the Family program, which offers Edward's outfit as one of the digital rewards, is US only. So is it possible to get the outfit if I'm not in the US?

Even if it is possible for me to get the outfit, I still have a little concern. I got my Uplay account when I was still in the US years ago, so it is of the US region. But now I've moved to Australia, so I'm currently using an Australian PSN account. Here is my concern: is the digital reward offered as a Uplay unlock or PSN redeem code? Because if it is PSN redeem code, I'm worried that the region won't match.

10-03-2015, 03:43 PM
i'm wondering the same thing about the outfit. edward's outfit is my fav so far, it would suck big time if only people from the US could get it

10-03-2015, 03:50 PM
I'm pretty sure Ubisoft usually release all digital content (preorder bonuses and other promotions) at a later date for everyone.

As for PSN (redemption) codes, they are region locked and will ONLY work on a PSN account of the same region.