View Full Version : Multiplayer Bugs

10-02-2015, 02:28 PM
I have experienced several multiplayer bugs that make the game currently unplayable.

#1) the game crashed 2x on the same battle, perhaps coincidentally vs. a "brute." The combat was just froze.
#2) multiple crashes where one player leaves battle, but the other human player is stuck on "waiting for combat" screen.
#3) other times where other player gets the blue hourglass icon but the turn does not end.
#4) multiple out of syncs.

The fact the game does not take autosaves in mp, and often the save will be corrupted after a crash makes these problems even worse.

10-02-2015, 09:00 PM
More multiplayer bugs:

Other than the crashes, which makes a MP game playable to the end only in case we load the game several times (completed a single game, on normal turns, sim turns works worse than in Closed Beta 2), there is a bug to report:

- I was typing a message to my opponent during his turn, and before I sent it (pressed enter again) he started a battle. I couldn't send the message on one hand, and on the hand it showed me the log of his battle. In such a way I knew the spells he was using, the units he relies one, etc. It spoiled the game, as I knew what to be prepared for...
I checked it several times, and the bottom line is this: If the chat is open (enter was pressed to write a message, and wasn't sent yet) when a battle starts I can see the log of battles (at least in normal turns mode).