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10-02-2015, 02:20 AM
I got the game and have been playing it without crashes or game breaking bugs so far. I enjoy it so far but man it is a mess at the moment.
I think that this game has enormous potential and all the ingredients for a great heroes game, but it really should have been delayed to fix more bugs - the game only has one release, which unfortunately is what it will be judged by.

Several design decisions also need to be rethought and reversed, including the implementation of the skill system (remember that this is a strategy game, not an RPG). Please, listen to and understand the veteran fans- we want the game to be successful and fun as much as you do. We have experience playing heroes games since the beginning and know what works well and what doesn't.

I believe in the developers' ability to make this a successful game in the long run like TOTE did for H5. What I personally would like to see is a skill system close to H5 (most of the skills and abilities you have now are fine, the system is the problem), additional alternative core and elite creatures for each faction, an emphasis on economic and creature level balancing within factions, and a de-emphasis on hero classes and role playing elements - one might and one magic class per faction is plenty. And, of course, a lizardman faction, fortress, sanctuary, and inferno, in that order. ;)

Thanks dev's for your commitment to the game and for committing to stick with it for the long haul. Heroes 2 is my favorite game, and I am happy to see its influences in this game. I hope for a constructive relationship between the dev's and the fans going forward, because we both want the best heroes game possible. Thanks limbic and ubisoft :)

10-02-2015, 08:12 AM
No Heroes games was perfect on release, but I kind of feel the same that it has potential and hope Limbic further pursues the right path for further improvement.
Hopefully we will also see some great Expansion packs in the future, just like the other successfull Heroes of Might and Magic games.

In the long run it will be the Multiplayer Experience what makes the game worthwhile, the fans creating great maps and playing them countless hours together.
So I hope they keep in mind to improve Multiplayer and to add features like RMG.
In the long run my biggest hope it that i will unify the big H3 and H5 communities to play and enjoy the game together.

10-02-2015, 09:51 AM
Hi, I like the game too and so far I've experienced any crash nor bugs. :)

Just hm.. I must say I dislike the cinematics very much... Just images + narrators not animations.. :(

Also I don't feel the need to enlist more than one hero in the game as I can easily reinforce my main hero.. Not very much like a strategic game..But it's alright as I still love exploring the maps with one hero.. (I'm not an advanced player though.)

In a nutshell the game is good but needs to be improved with quick actions..

Thank you....