View Full Version : [Hilarously Buggy] Haven 4 Map is the buggiest piece of this game so far

10-01-2015, 11:01 PM
I spent 10h+ trying to complete the Haven 4 Map - what i encountered is so far from playable this is the part where i regret buying this game and i know it will NEVER be fully fixed

- Heroes gained movement points randomly - i explored like 20-30% of the map with Ella because here movement points were restored to full whenever i attacked or clicked on a building
- Heroes cant gain certain skills in the 4th ring (Clarity) - clicking on it will confirm it, but the points will stay unspent after leaving the skill window

- The enemies keep respawning! What the hell ?? You are supposed to kill that guy and his friends but if the AI keeps creating 5-10 heroes every round again (the same) it is a real pain in the A

- I went out of my way and tried to conquer the enemy castle to stop respawning the AI heroes - when i got to the last castle i had to clear (north/west through portal) it said there is an armee in front of the castle i cant attack it !! but there wasnt anything - i could not conquer this castle!

- By the time i played 10h on that map the game needed anything between 7-12GB of RAM - i had multiple crashes with out of ram messages and had to close other applications - 12GB of RAM no freaking game in existence needs this!!

- There is one enemy hero that uses the area wide retribution spell which adds 1600 - yes thousend and six hundred damage if you dare to hit any of his pets - this is the most BS fight ever you can not win without cancel magic !

- After i could not conquer the final castle i went through the map and killed every hero i saw - there was only one left and i chased him to the last castle - and what do you know - that last round was never finished ! A new round started with the AI moving back and forth but i never got my turn - after about 4 days i saw whats happened and tried to load an older save. But now my older saves are all crashing the game - i made a backup every 30min and went back 5-6 saves and on every save the same thing happens - the game keeps increases the ram usage till my computer cant handle it anymore (eh i only got 16GB i didnt know i need a gazillion of RAM of this piece of crap)

Every single developer/management who worked on this game should put their head down in shame and NEVER EVER dare to participate in creating another game

I am so done with this game, you can not possible fix this, ever. It would take at least 6 month on full development to get it in moderate playable state but ubi most likely already abandoned it and only provides some bandaids.

10-01-2015, 11:39 PM
I'll see your bugs, and raise you extra
- on the last mission with wolf (when defending from siege), on that map, i managed to build 3 Elrath Infinity mercy, by having the orc dig up the tear of asha, and after sending him to the main castle to build it, he never lost it from inventory.
i managed a hefty income per round as you can imagine. So i just spamed the E untill i got a few hundred thousands gold and ALMOST managed to rack up full armies and a nice stack of 90 upgraded swordmasters, But when i went out of the siege to start chasing the 3 enemy heroes, they dissapeared when i clicked on them to fight. Except the last one.
So i missed out on a TON of experience points as you can imagine.