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10-01-2015, 10:03 PM
So Heroes 7 launched. I don't want to be another complaint thread, so I would like to highlight the positives -

My pedigree - Played Heroes of Might And Magic since 1. Yes, since 1. So I've definitely been there, done that, and got the T-Shirt. I think Heroes 4 and 6 were the worst efforts, mainly due to shoddy A.I.. Can't remember why I dislliked 4 but I did, so carry on. :)

The Good -

- A.I. Seems passable, decently aggressive, and capable, so far. Kudos for not having some braindead A.I. that just sits there. It does see to just zoom towards your castle without bothering with the pesky fog of war, but no worries, hopefully it will be tweaked here and there. Overall - solid from what I've seen so far.

- The game looks and plays well, in my opinion.

- I like the map screen, the quick town link to build, and I think a lot of the art is great.

- There is a lot to like here, though I haven't put in enough time to really really sort things out. Overall impression - positive.

The Bad -

- The Random Map Generator - I can't get a map of any size to save and launch, like at all. It says something about 'Player 1 and player 2 do not have a defined town so this map will not be listed in the game listing' or something to that effect.

I get that you need to launch the editor to make an RMG, I am ok with that, I guess. But that this KEY FEATURE doesn't work properly? Huge marks off on this. Mainly because the number of maps included in the game is pretty minimal. Most of us RELY on a random map generator to get some legs out of this game?

So can you please, with no venom in my request, let us know if there is some update to improving the RMG so that it will actually work? Aside from that, what am I doing that causes the maps to be invalid? I choose the type of map, the size, the number of players etc. then just click 'create' and the errors start flying.

Thank you

P.S. Please don't take the vitriol from the standard forum poster as the complete feeling for the game. A lot of people have proper computers that can run this, like me, and see a lot of potential here. This is a better start than Heroes 6, so you're already ahead of the game!

Good luck, and thank you for the continual updates.... DON'T GET DISCOURAGED!