View Full Version : [BUGS} Game Breaking Bugs

10-01-2015, 05:26 PM
--When you select Random Skills, you still get GM abilities that you aren't suppose to get. If won't show that you have them in your skill wheel, but during battles it shows them on your hero. I can no longer play MP with Random skills because Heroes get too powerful. I had a hero that had GM in 4 magic schools.
--AI is still a disaster. If does NOT interact with adventure map objects nor does it have any desire too. It doesn't see the value of Artifacts. Nor does it see the value of using creature abilites for some strong units in combats. This game is not even fun to play due to this.
--Scrolls stay in your spell book after using them. They are EXTREMELY powerful also. I crushed an army that was 3 times more powerful than mine due to these. On MP maps we all have to make an agreement not to use them, and hopefully every is honest about it.
--Dungeon Faction GM ability Coordinated Attack works EVEN if the attack is still retailiated. Even though in the description it says that they only if a second attack if its NOT. This is extremely OP and breaks the Dungeon Faction. This is a bug from CB2, and what a surprise that its not fixed.
--There are plenty of visual bugs and glitches. I won't list them as people have already done it multiple times. Hopefully UBI has read them.
--Why did you do a CB2 if half of these bugs are from it?
Ubisoft what have you released?

UBISOFT/LIMBIC you have some good stuff here but the amounts of bugs and glitches is beyond frustrating!! Please do NOT wait until and Expansion to fix these bugs as the game won't survive that long. We are counting on you to have these fixed within a few weeks so we can feel like we got a finished product. The reviews are destroying this game and the best way to fix it is to listen to the community and fix all these issues STAT. Like I said it does have the makings for a GREAT Heroes Games, but whether that happens depends entirely on Ubisoft/Limbic. Good Luck