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10-01-2015, 03:32 PM
As we know, the product was released unfinished. With that being said, I still hope that the company will make good in their end of the bargain and will allocate the necessary work-hours and money to bring this game to its full potential.

In this topic I want to mention some of the things I enjoy and to say Thank You to designers and developers for their hard work despite the business climate the way it is.

1. No dark energy. Thank heavens! Whoever came with the idea to implement the concept of "dark energy' in some of the previous installments of the game made me completely stop playing.

2. Ability to replay a battle without having to reload.

3. Ability to cancel entering into a battle during my turn. I can't count how many times I had to reload when a mouse click got interpreted as a double click.

4. Troop recall and town portal. The HOMM3 version of town portal was epic, but this seems quite good as well and eliminates the need of hero chains in most situations.

5. Ability to hire troops in town from out-of-town dwellings. Neat! No need to drag caravan heroes like crazy.

6. Ability to choose skills. While I'd change the whole "Skill wheel" idea if it were up to me, having some control over my hero is nice.

7. Random Map Generator. The single most critical item that can bring a game a couple of tiers higher in terms of longevity and popularity. While the current editor is still in its junior phase, it shows great potential with some extra work via patches and later expansions.

There may be more but this is what came up to me at the moment. Thank you and please, lets bring the game to its full potential!

10-01-2015, 03:45 PM
I also hold your likes but to not repeat myself, I add other that I think are great.

1. Flanking, it's great!

2. Maps, they look so great, best maps so far.

3. Combat area, it has so many details, makes the fight more exciting.

4. Return of the resources

5. I like the skill wheel personally.

6. The towns buildings are better than before, I like them more than in H6.

These are a couple so far, need to play the game more.