View Full Version : Vampires not resurrecting

10-01-2015, 03:04 PM
The creature info regarding Vampires, claims that life drain heals HP and even resurrects dead ones. I never saw a Vampire get resurrected despite trying to deal damage with them on various troops. I was careful to try on "living" creatures. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

10-01-2015, 04:53 PM
It seems like in a lot of cases in the game the rule has changed but the tooltip or other text reflects differently. See the Healing Sister resurrection tooltip being shown when rez isn't possible without the Perfect Healing attribute.

10-02-2015, 02:03 AM
A Vampire resurrected during siege. Similarly, the Clarity skill seems to work only during siege. Both seem to not work in non-siege battles. I hope this helps with fixing the bug.

10-02-2015, 11:01 AM
I reported a similar bug. In my situation vampires work fine, but they doesn't heal if theyr attack kills the enmy stack. it it the same problem the had with the healing skill of archlich in Heroes VI.