View Full Version : Few Bugs, Patch not downloading, AI turns, visible map

10-01-2015, 11:40 AM
Ok first of all, you guys should known better and pospone launching game with all these issues.

1) Patch not downloading

When i open Uplay it offers me some stuff to download, but than it freez on

0/11440 MB (or something) 0 Kb/s

And it is like that for hours, i checked - my connection is good . Is there any way to download this content , any link, something?


I am actually writting this post between my and AI turns. WHY they take AGES !?!?! i feel like playing with human player not AI, i can't skip it , making gameplay up to 400% faster (wth?) doesn't affect AI - its still slow, i didn't notice difference in my own movement either. Besides, when you go to menu you have GAME_SPEED_SOMETHING writting , not really finished.

3) The light is extremaly disturbing, its so bright i can't really focus. its not natural, as if i was sitting under a table lamp...

4) Graphics

I meet the requirements, but still i feel pixels, pixels everywhere.
I am pretty disappointed with magic skills effects during fight. And again, this ******** light during fights.

5) Can see player's turn and map

Ok, when i finish my turn it always than skips to first AI after me, showing its map and movement (hiding mine same time as if it was my turn ) . It just happenes with first AI after .

6) Double click on town doesn't work ?

I don't know if it's intentional, but when i first launched this game it took me ridiculous amount of time to understand how can i get to my castle. No, i did not even notice that small bar above map, and i still wonder if there is any other way of opening castle. User experience anyone?

7) Changing graphics doesn't seem to have much difference . At least i did not notice any help in performance